July 12, 2009
By herefordgrl BRONZE, Seaford, Virginia
herefordgrl BRONZE, Seaford, Virginia
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Remembering. It can be both amusing and painful. When combing my mind, I reflect upon people who I've known for some while now. Then I reflect upon a different time and pain stabs through me. "Why am I reminiscing if it only causes me pain?" I think but it's too late, my memories have broken loose. I remember my friendships, my embaressments, my tears, my joy, my love intrests, my turmoil's and my euphoria's. Then I'm transported back to that time. I stand there in an empty corridor as the snow pounds it'f fury against the walls. I feel the smooth floor that I'd tread on for two years, I breathe in the same scent of raging estrogen and testosterone as I had so long ago, I smile to myself as I realize that I'm back. Then I'm rudely snatched from my mind and returned to the real world. I know that nothing I do will allow me to return to that time or place. Then I remember the tortures that I'd gone through when I was away from my school and I realize that I love here more then I ever did there, but that the pain of being away from my peers is still fresh and burning. Then I begin to shed tears that run down my face like rivers. I remember all of them, each and every one. But whats the point in remembering when no one remembers you?

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I came up with this when I was flipping through an old yearbook. Mind you, it isn't my best due to the fact that it was written at 11 o'clock at night. But all the same.

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