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May 19, 2009
By Ben Williamson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Ben Williamson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Ben is lazy. Although his stories are magnificent, Ben lacks the patience to sit down and write. He doesn’t enjoy it and often does other things so that the agony of writing won’t ruin his day. Barely being inspired to write, Williamson searches for meaning in his writing. If he has to get up off the couch and pull something together, he will not slack off when it comes to getting the job done.

He started writing in his backstreet boy’s diary in 3rd grade. He wrote about what happened each day. He shared things with his diary that he didn’t even share with his best of friends. He wrote who he had a crush on at the time; Lindsay Donovan most likely. From there on, Ben no longer wrote because he wanted to, but because he had to.
If he writes, it is usually about something close to him, or something that inspires him. Ben did more writing in his life to girls in love notes than he did on paper for a class. In middle school he was a true charmer, and always got the girls to smile. Magical words apparently.
Usually writing about sports, he is knowledgeable and reliable. He has always wanted to write a column in sports illustrated. When Ben was younger, he dreamed about being a journalist. The dream was slowly lost when he realized how much writing you actually had to do. For now, Ben writes because he has to.

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