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Messes for mony
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It’s HOG Week at Timberview High School, and sophomore Hannah Patterson is covered in squid slime. "The gym is a giant mess," Patterson said. Students stand in a line on either side of the gym, leftover food and spilled drinks from... (more »)
Forever love
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The bow rustled in her hair as she stood in her driveway, her hands caressing the letter she had just read, a slight smile on her young face. "All my love… Forever." Those were the words that ended hundreds of letters that passed... (more »)
Hats off to journalism
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University of Maryland sophomore Talia Richman has a split personality. One as a quiet student. The other as a passionate journalist willing to go to extremes to tell people’s stories. As soon as she puts on her “journalist hat,” Talia... (more »)
Teacher overcomes bariatric surgery failure
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Corey Hale was in a dark room, filled with black light. All around him was blurred figures of people outlined in fluorescent colors. They came to him, dancing and making a great show of themselves. The room brightened and the people faded, and... (more »)
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Dad, now I know you've been gone for years, but every day you're on my mind. If you were here, what would you say to me? Would you apologize, or would you know that I forgave you years ago and just hold me tight instead. (FILL IN... (more »)
Standardized Test
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Are you aware that recently New York has revised the state tests, which are required of third through eighth graders to graduate to the next grade, and added Common Core Standards? During the start of the 21st century previous state tests... (more »)
Oral History
What year were you born? I was born in 1930 Where did you live growing up? I lived at 1519 W. Erie street in Chicago What was your family income like? My family was on the poor side, in fact there were many poor people at the time due to... (more »)
The Interview
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It was my first job interview for a teaching position at a big school. I had applied fresh out of college, and amazingly, I got an interview at a well-respected private school. I sat nervously, my leg bouncing up and down since I seemed unable... (more »)
Courageous Chris
I interviewed my dad, Chris. My dad is a very important person to me, not only because he’s my dad but because he over all is an amazing person who went through a lot of things. Even through hard times, my dad was able to take care of himself,... (more »)
The Road to a Successful Business
By , Parkridge, IL
I interviewed my father, Samuel, about how he started his own graphic designing and advertising business in 1992. Growing up in Seoul, Korea, he was taught things differently and tried to live up to the potential his parents wanted him to be. When... (more »)
Ancestors Making Money
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My grandpas are a few of my favorite elders. The stories and moments they share about their past are so precious. Like diamonds and pearls you want to never forget and keep them forever. But all stories have a point they want to get across to the... (more »)
Tobacco Letter:Interview
By , Endicott, NY
Dear Nathan, Hi, future you hope you have not done bad habits lately. Because tobacco can hurt you, it doesn`t take long to stop. Even, for second handers, if you have any friends that are second handers, get help, they really need it. This... (more »)
An Oral History of My Grandfather
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James Allen Sveinsson born on September 23, 1933, was born at Columbus Hospital in downtown Chicago. Throughout the interview he taught me a lot about his childhood, and his adulthood so far. What Nationality are you? I am 100% icelandic, my... (more »)
My Mother's Life
I interviewed my mother, Beata Jolanta. Beata was born on July 2, 1968 in Szczurowie, Poland. Beata is the oldest of three children. Beata has one younger sister, Magda, and one younger brother, Marek. Beata is very close with her siblings, and... (more »)
A Coal Miner's Daughter
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My Grandmother, Mary Jane Curry-Lee, describes her life growing up as a coal miner’s daughter. She tells many stories about her father and his accomplishments. What was your father's full name and when was he born? His name was... (more »)
American Dream Becomes Reality
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Bogdan is my father. He was born in a small farm town in Poland and always dreamed of coming to the great country people called America. This is the story on how he made that dream a reality. My full name is Boguslaw but people like to... (more »)
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