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Walter's Journey: Life on the Autism Spectrum This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“Walter, pass me the pink sugar pouch, please,” Mrs. Boyles asks her son on a Sunday morning at Perkins Diner. A 23-year-old rummages through an assortment of colored packets and picks up a white pouch. Before turning to his... (more »)
Findings of love
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Our teenage years are a very crucial time in our development. We experience a variety of  things, like forming new friendships and most importantly, we find our true self’s. I interviewed a couple of my classmates on the topic of... (more »)
1978 The Year My Life Changed
By , Austin, TX
I was born in 1958 in a city called Sari, the capital of the state of Mazandaran in Iran, commonly known as Persia. I was the third child in a family of six girls. When I was born, Iran had a monarchy regime under the control of Mohammad Reza... (more »)
How Physical Attributes Affect Non-Tangible...
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Khammila “A feature I love about myself are my calves. They’re kind of like huge. I have big calves. I like them because they help me to run, and are very strong. They are a continuous reminder of my ancestry, back to my relatives in India.... (more »)
My Best Friend
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My locker at school was always messy, and it never bothered me. I knew that sometimes there was going to be things that I couldn’t find anymore because of my messiness, but I didn’t care. It was the first day of school, and I had just... (more »)
The Best Woman I Know
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I interviewed my Mom, Beth. I focused my questions specifically on her history with beauty pageants, her battle with bone cancer, and her time at Baylor University. In this interview you will see how all three of those topics are connected.... (more »)
Interview with My Grandfather
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I chose to interview my grandfather, Carl, because he has had an immense impact on my life; he was an entrepreneur and therefore has much to say about his days of running his very own business.   Bo: What did you want to be when you were a... (more »)
Walking the Halls Without Cancer This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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With any cancer diagnosis comes a grasp on the scientific facets of the illness, but what’s not acknowledged by doctors is the abiding prominence of cancer beyond the hospital’s walls.   Despite her two and a half... (more »)
A Composer from Switzerland
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Switzerland is a country often known for its chocolate, clocks, ski resorts, and yodeling. However, in the northern German-speaking part of the country, there lives a composer by the name of Adrian von Ziegler. The music Adrian composes, as a... (more »)
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I chose to interview my sister, Allie. She is an entrepreneur in the wedding-floral business. She started about two years ago doing about one wedding a month, and now she is booked about every weekend of the year, sometimes even double booked.... (more »)
Interview with a West Point Grad
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Interview I decided to interview my Father, a top executive in the corporate world, and ask him about his experiences at the United States Military Academy. I focused on asking him questions about the most helpful lessons he learned while at... (more »)
Egyptian Insight
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While considering the most influential and important people in my life, I thought of my dear friend who lives in Egypt, Roujee Ashraf. I met Roujee on a trip to Egypt in the summer of 2016. We worked at a summer sports camp together. He has a... (more »)
Home of the Brave
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My dad, Donald Jr. a veteran of the Air Force, served for 30 and retired a colonel from the Pentagon. He is my hero. How did you get interested in the military? “When I was younger, my father was in the military and would travel a lot in... (more »)
The CAA Conference Champion
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Bryn is a college athlete playing volleyball at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. In 2015, she packed her bags and left her hometown in Austin, Texas and headed for the start of her new life in college. During her 2015... (more »)
Joyce Smith Hopes to Help Make Justice Prevail
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With her mustard yellow pants, blue jean jacket and a determined look on her face, Joyce Smith is ready for anything life throws at her. A history lover and adamant reader of the “Wall Street Journal” since her freshman year in... (more »)
My Dad
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Michael David, the most generic Jewish name a man can be given. This is my father. In the mornings his jet black hair with whisks of gray and silver sticks up as if struck by lightning and his eyes stay closed a fraction of an inch more than... (more »)
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