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9/11 Through a Firefighters Eyes
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9/11 interview Stationed at fire station 19, Lieutenant Daniel Diaz laid witness to one of the worst disasters to befall the United States. It was a normal day for Lt. Diaz when in the early morning everyone was in the kitchen and T.V... (more »)
A life of service
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Members of the National Honor Society circled names on pink slips. It was election time. One by one, members got up and submitted their ballots. Junior Raj L., who was running for president against four other people, didn’t think he would win.... (more »)
A Chance At A Better Life
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My Grandpa, Stanislaw Brzeski, was born during World War II. During the interview he mentions what he remembers about the war. He then goes on and talks about how life was after the war during communism in Poland. I was born in 1942. In 1939... (more »)
Viewing Life as a Nurse
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I interviewed my mother, Denise Sybula. She grew up in Chicago and moved to Park Ridge while in high school. She attended Maine South her senior year and went to a Chicago public school before that. I interviewed her on her life during and... (more »)
Sleep vs. Tech
HERSHEY-- Zozan, a junior high school student, finds herself in Mr. Swavelys class feeling the warmth of her eyelids closing. She is not awakened again till she hears the sounds of the period bell ringing, and students leaving the class. She... (more »)
Father on Board This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Senior Matthew M. sat in the chair next to the hospital bed where his girlfriend of two years, junior Chloe F., was lying. Both of their moms were in the small white room with them, eagerly anticipating the results. They had waited 16 weeks for... (more »)
Walking the Halls with Cancer This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Cancer. Defined as a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. Abnormal. Uncontrollable. Destructible. Deadly. What if you were told you had cancer at age fourteen when you’re just getting ready for... (more »)
Striving for One's Dream
Morgan Wootten once said, “You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going”. As citizens of this world, we all come together to form a community. We share ideas, beliefs, and other common goals that binds us... (more »)
McKamey Manor
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Are you the type of person who has no detectable phobia and laughs at hometown haunted houses? Could you survive a slasher movie without blinking an eye? Are you willing to go through up to 7 hours of what some would call the most intense... (more »)
Love isn't black and white This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Junior Gabbi M. was speechless. A girl had just told her that she shouldn’t be dating her boyfriend, junior Bryce O.. But her reason why was what made Morris cringe. “I had an African-American girl come to me and get mad at me... (more »)
Gamer changer
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Senior Ally S. sat on the bench on the side of the soccer field, watching her teammates practice. The girls were scrimmaging, yelling across the pitch to one another. One of the forwards shot the ball, and the goalie dove to make the save. Ally... (more »)
Flag phantoms
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As the band played their final notes and the color guard caught their flags for the last time, cheers erupted throughout the stadium. The stands of the Alamodome were filled from bottom to top with parents, fans and other bands from across the... (more »)
A Way With Words This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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He sits at one of the wooden tables in the school library, surrounded by novels on low shelves and colorful art that hangs from the ceiling. He’s focused on a large red book in front of him: Merriam Webster’s New World Dictionary.... (more »)
The Rising Voices of Philadelphia This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Kamaya swung our joined hands back and forth as we walked through the cluttered streets of Eighth and Butler in Philadelphia. The August heat rolled off the concrete, and the unrelenting humidity clung to our bodies. It was a Tuesday –... (more »)
Tackling the Issue of School Uniforms
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Some schools have school uniforms, and some schools don’t. Divine Redeemer, a local Catholic school, requires a school uniform. This uniform consists of a red polo top with the school’s logo on it and a pair of navy or tan pants or a navy or... (more »)
Some Begin Celebrating Christmas in October
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As the holiday season approaches, local stores begin playing Christmas songs through the speakers and cover every square inch in red and green. Some find the rapid preparation for the holidays to be exciting, while others find it to be a... (more »)
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