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Interview with Kathryn Lasky
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I had the privilege to interview one of my favorite authors, Kathryn Lasky. She has written over one hundred books in many different genres. Some of her best well-known books include the Guardians of Ga’Hoole Series, Wolves of the Beyond... (more »)
Interviewing a Hero
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Interviewing a Veteran I entered through the side door of the light-green colored ranch. It brought me into the living room. The tan colored walls were decorated in family photos and wall hangings. It made it feel like home. As I stepped... (more »)
The Psychology of Race: Opinions in Black and...
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1. What opinions does segregation and racism perpetuate? For centuries, people in the USA bare to absolve slavery. Since the all-inclusive majority of humans apprenticed had an accurate affection that the all-inclusive majority of humans not... (more »)
The Not So Strange Addiction
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“There is no "peace and quiet" anymore because we literally do not turn off. If we are bored, if we are waiting to pick up our kid from school or if we are at a basketball game, we are on our phones,” stated Marketing &... (more »)
Life From Home: A Profile of a Syrian Refugee... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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A 200 square foot apartment houses a seven person family. The space can only manage to fit a couch covered in stains from the antics of five young children and a closet sized kitchen and bathroom. A haphazard mix of paper is scattered across... (more »)
The Red Barron
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Land, sea, and air. All have Clarence Harms in common. In World War ? he was in the Navy and spent most of his time in submarines. The Navy Seaman  commented that at 5’ 8’’ he was able to get in and out of the bulkhead... (more »)
Actor, Designer, Journalist, Singer
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Vigorous and modeling a floor-touching blue dress with a purple shawl, the once a journalist hops from question to question with thrill. This wasn’t the first time she had done something unique. Former Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)... (more »)
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Dear Veteran, My name is Nicole and I am a senior in high school. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for our country. I am writing today because I know it is a huge sacrifice for you and your family. My dad was... (more »)
A Long Road to Home
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A man that dropped out of high school at 10th grade.  Has received two purple hearts for his service to his country.  A man that has started two of his own small business.  He has his loving wife, three children, and four... (more »)
Anxiety in Teenagers
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As a teenager in 2016, anxiety is a feeling I have become far too accustomed to, which is quite common among young people today. This is not to say that anxiety has never been an issue in previous generations, but there is undoubtedly a... (more »)
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Black Lives DO Matter
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Her name is Morgan. She is a fifteen year-old African American woman who likes to cook, play basketball, and sing. She is shy, but a lively and graceful butterfly once you get to know her. But she is also an eagle - she is the definition of... (more »)
Nature Has a Superpower?
By , Wayland, MI
Ah, nature. The memorable smell of saturated oak trees, the sound of various bird chirping in the distance--with the occasional decipherable superstitious woodpecker knocking on wood. The beautiful vista of a multi-colored sunset that becomes... (more »)
Pretty Old Things
By , Carbondale, PA
While Elizabeth sits down on her bright red couch to watch Jeopardy, she giggles a bit as I conduct several questions to ask her. My grandma sits with a flannel blanket covering her legs, curly black hair sticking straight up, and wrinkly hands... (more »)
Hasty Judgments This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Barbara’s short, gray hair was breezy and her smile was serene. She seemed like a gentle, older women; the kind that laughed at life without a worry. Carefree. When she spoke, a German accent was audible. However, Barbara is anything but... (more »)
An Interview
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I want to share my story with you. This story is told by my late grandfather, Ismail bin Ujang. During a fine windy evening, my grandfather, my mother and I were having our tea on a bench under a rambutan tree. We would rather prefer having a... (more »)
In the Life of Beard
By , simpson, PA
Working at a restaurant takes a special kind of person. A person with well-rounded communication skills, hand eye coordination, and the ability to work under pressure, and maybe the best quality, a sense of humor. At Franks Place in Simpson a... (more »)
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