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"What Ever Obstacles We Have Make Us...
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Being part of Mrs. Llamas daily life outside of school, I didn't really know what her dreams and struggles were. Fortunately I’m one of her granddaughter’s best friends. I always thought life was so easy for her since she’s an administrator... (more »)
Old America vs New America
By , San fernando, CA
Throughout the course of your life you hear about adults talking about their childhood in America before things gone down the toilet, but to me growing up now I would think that I am living somewhat of a quintessential American life as a teenager,... (more »)
As I was growing up I have heard so many stories about my parent doing a lot of stuff, going places, but when I interview my dad it was different because I heard stories that I never heard. So the first thing we talk being about the Northridge... (more »)
My Grandfather's Journey
My Grandfather was born and raised in Mexico or more specifically in the city of Leon, Guanajuato. He was raised and worked on a farm throughout his childhood doing various chores to help his parents grow fruits and vegetables. When he turned 18... (more »)
Events That Change Views
By , Pacoima, CA
I was born in 1998 and came from Mexico when I was 4 (2003) I can’t say that I got discriminated since the discrimination people felt in the early years was 10 times greater. I did not really understand why people got discriminated or why they... (more »)
The American Dream
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Growing up, I always heard great things about the United States. In my neighborhood people will always talk about what a great life you can have if you lived in America. America for me was the land of opportunities. When I was 24, I made the big... (more »)
An Unforgettable Morning
By , San Fernando, CA
When the earthquake hit Northridge, California, I was not born yet. My parents only had two children at the time , my brother and my sister. They were, “about four or five”. The earthquake struck, “approximately at 4:31 in the morning,... (more »)
American Heritage Project
My grandpa's life has been very difficult since growing up “I always worked hard and hard for a little kid.” With his dad since he was about 11 years old started working with him in the fields because his dad was a farmer and my... (more »)
My Interview with Mr.K
I interviewed my math teacher,Mr.K, who is about 60 years old. A historical event that he experienced in his lifetime was seeing both the opening and the collapse of the Berlin Wall which took place on “November 1989”. It was a painful thing... (more »)
The American Dream
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Growing up in America, it is commonly accepted that most people around the world’s wish is to migrate to America, the land of opportunity and freedom. Trying to pursue their American Dream of whatsoever they hope to achieve in America... (more »)
American Dream Interview
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From time to time when my father and I had spent time together he had told me stories of when he had first come to the United States and his experiences living in the country. I had to interview a relative of mine so I had decided to interview my... (more »)
Life of the Liu's
Growing up, I truly never understood anyone’s life until I sit down and start talking to them. Those people I talk to share their childhood memories, experiences, their family history, and much more. Each individual goes through a connection... (more »)
American Dream: Pedro Hernandez
Many peoples views on the American Dream hear the phrase and ponder fame and fortune or living on the land of the free and the home of the brave. While interviewing Pedro Hernandez, an old family friend, I realized that not all people care... (more »)
Miracle Brings Family Together
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When thinking of the American dream most people consider fame,money and success. Meanwhile other people don't. Billie Jean isn't comparable most people, Billie Jean thinks of family and the way she would wish them to be “together... (more »)
American Dream
My grandpas name is Inocensio Samano he’s a 67 year old man that has lived a hard life with many obstacles he’s felt life at his highest and at his lowest. To me his life is like an endless story. My grandfather said when he was 16 he still... (more »)
50 Years in the Past
By , Sylmar, CA
My father always felt the American dream was to accomplish your goals to become successful. “Through hard work and setting your mind on a goal countless anything can be achieved”, said my father. That my father was always told at a young age... (more »)
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