hi my name is Mirela Skopljak

July 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Life in Bosnia and a little about my family.

Hi my name is Mirela I am 15 years old. My mom and dad where 28 when I was born. Their names are Enesa and Basim. I have an old brother named Alen. We get along O.K ill say. When I was 3, my brother was 8 and my mom was 31 we lost my dad in the Bosnia war. I was born during the Bosnia war. All I remember was getting kicked out of our house and have to deal with the Bosnia Serbs. I also remember sailors yelling at one another for crazy reason. I don’t know how to explain the war so much but all I can say it is a part of me every single day. I am daddy’s little girl I’ll never forget how he came every other day to the house and brought something for me, mom, and my brother to eat. He always said “I love you baby girl.”

Losing the love of my life.
Losing my dad is like not breathing for the rest of my life. I know I was only 3 but it has changed my whole life around. I will stay up all night and talk to him when I have a bad day. He changes everything just like an angel in the sky. I love you daddy and miss you every day. There will not be a day that I don’t miss my daddy. I wish I can bring him back from the died so he can be with me during the hard times. When I can’t move no more and I pray to him to help me move. He is my saving grace.

Coming to America.

When I was 4 ½ I came to America to live with my uncle, aunt, and baby cousin. We lived with my uncle for 2 ½ years. Then he found a place where we can live for a long time. He paid the first 2 or 3 months because my mom wasn’t working. My uncle is a big part of my life he has always been there for me no matter what. I wish I can thank him with all my heart and soul for all the good he dose to make sure I am O.K. My uncle is the best uncle you could ever ask for. He is my guiding force for me to do good in school and in life.

Foster care.
Foster care is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am learning how to love myself more and more every day. I am also learning how I can be a better person inside and out. I also love my foster mom so much she means the world to me. I feel bad for putting her though a lot. But I hope she knows I love her with all my heart and soul. I am learning so much from her. She is strong and independent young lady.

First love.
When I was 13 ½ I feel in love with the most sweets loveable guy. He was everything I ever wanted in a guy. He always told me he loved me for me and didn’t care what people had to say about me. When we were on the phone no one could take us off it. We talked about life and happiness with one another. Then when I was 14 ¼ we broke up because he was going to Bosnia and he said I don’t want to cheat on you so I am letting you go just remember I am always going to be here for no matter what. He is my second role model in this world.

What happened to me that changed my life.
When I was 11 my virginity was gone. My brother’s best friend raped me 2 times. I told my mom but she didn’t want to believe me. Then when I was 13 I got raped again by to different guys. One was my best friends dad the other guy was the meninece guy in the old apartment building where I just to live. I still cry till this day. I am about to be 16 and it still hurts a lot. I hope a day comes that I can put this all in the past and more on with myself and be happy with myself inside and out.

The author's comments:
my life hasn't been easy. there is not a day that goes by that i dont think how missed up my life is. but there are people like my foster mom and my mom how changes my whole life in the mtter of minutes. i am thankful to have them in my live.

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