To the Best Person I Know

September 29, 2016
By , Northbridge, MA

Dear B,

Humans are much like Jell-O, shaped by those people around them. Humans are also much like glass, fragile and broken easily. But there are people in the world that serve not just as a mold, but also as glue. There are people that pick us up, hold us together, and still impact our lives in the best way possible. Those people turn us into leaders, scholars, and eventually role models ourselves. And those people that successes thank are not just teachers. They’re much more. Which is why I would like to thank you, B, for being the best teacher of all.

If you are receiving this letter, it means, for one, I got the address correct, and two, that I have been inducted to National Honor Society. And the latter, is because of you. B, throughout my life, you have shown me more than any other teacher could. You were the one that taught me to write, to read, to count, to live, to learn, to be exactly who I am. You were the one who showed me that, in this world, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, but how you do it and why. B, you have shown me, though you may not realize it, that this world is about hard work, determination, and the assistance of others. This world isn’t about wealth or fame or selfishness, but the exact opposite. I’ve heard you endlessly wish about money, but the truth is, if you ever had as much money as you dreamed to have, you wouldn’t be the person who you are. The person who had shaped me and is still shaping me. But, to be completely honest, one other thing you have taught me, you are much richer than you think.

But, I digress. B, the one and only thing I should thank you for, if not anything else previously mentioned, is that you have believed in me. You took me to violin lessons when I said I wanted to play. You read every single piece of writing I’ve ever given you and let me know how it was. You’ve rushed from work consistently to be sitting there in the stands of the basketball games, even though all I played was bench. You let me run when I wanted to run. You let me walk when I was ready. And you still continued to watch over me as I grew as a person. You’ve signed the paperwork. The nomination slips. Everything. Even if I had a one in a million chance. You were right there beside me. And I really would like to thank you for that.

There have been so many people in my life that have shaped who I am. Brought me thus far in my life, but there is only one you. I know they say you can’t choose who you’re related to, but even if I could. I wouldn’t change any of it. I love you, Mom. And, if I’ve never had the chance to say it before, I also appreciate all you’ve done for me through the years.


-From Your Proud & Inspired Daughter

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