My Vetran

December 18, 2008
By Jessie Loch, Columbia, MO

Think, think all the way back to when you looked up to a certain person who was it your mom, dad, brother, sister, celebrity? Yes. No. Well mine was a veteran. In his old photos he had light brown hair that is now as gray as ash; his tan skin is now as white as paper, but what he did for our country will never change. He fought for us in the army he was there In the Korean war. In the war he was on the front lines he was jumping out of air planes and he did this all through out the Korean War that is until he broke his back landing on one of his jumps.

Veterans are important because they are the reason our life is the way it is today the way we have our freedom and other nations around the world have the way of life like they do to. Veterans helped our nation in the time when we needed it the most. And now that were in the Iraq war we have more and more people becoming veterans the young and the old. With all the people going into the war we need to remember who got use there in the first place and that was our veteran’s the men and the women who fought in the wars, who worked in the hospital tents, who were on the front line, who decided to give them selves to our great nation. We need to remember them but we also need to pray for the men and women who are fighting right now.

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