December 9, 2008
By emmy garcia, Omaha, NE

She used to stand tall, independent, and never let a tear fall. She was always there, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to depend your life on. She was an amazing giver. Giving her friends everything she had to offer, just so they would smile. She took the blame, was put down, and looked down at by her parents, just for them. Every super hero has a weakness. For so long, she was invincible, the thoughts of her being weak were only giggles in the distance.
Then she met him. He was amazing. He took her hand, and lifted all her burdens off her shoulders. He showed her that she was beautiful, and that she deserved more then what she had. He opened her wide brown eyes to see that, he was her weakness. He was her hero. He was the one to take her hand and let her cry on his shoulder.
She became a mess. Once strong, bold and heroic, now a weak, dull blur that depended on this boy who had blindly stolen her heart. With out him, her smile was gone, her eyes empty. With out him, her spark was gone. With out this “hero” in her life, she became a use-less waste of space. Friends who once needed her, realized that they were never there for her. Those who took and took realized that they never gave back.
Never a thank you. Not one sign of grate-full-ness. And now that their rock had been grinded down to sand, was slipping through her fingers. But down on the floor, was him, sweeping up the grains, and placing them safely close to his heart. Even though he turned her into something terrible and pointless. She was smiling more then ever.
Even though she was no longer strong enough to stand on her own, she loved having him there behind her. Holding her hand. Guiding the way. Keeping her happy. Loving her with everything. And allowing her to know what it feels like, to be taken care of. He may have been her kryptonite, he was her hero as well. And she loved him.

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