Turning A Life Around

November 6, 2008
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Leo Buscaglia, once said, "To often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."
We always underestimate the smallest act of caring, that could be a big impact on our life. But we're humans, we can'd do anything about it. Just like now. I underestimated someone who created a big impact on my life. She was there when I needed her. Her powerful smiles, those kind words, all the times she listened to my problems, all those wonderful compliments she gave me, and just the act of her caring. And this women was my seventh grade math teacher.
We all underestimate are teachers. We don't think they could make a impact on lives. No, we just think we have to show up for their classes and that's it. That was mostly my idea until I met my seventh grade math teacher. She wasn't like the other teachers. She has her beautiful high spirit, that she used to make class exciting. No matter who you were she would be there for you. She is the coach of the x-country team, girls and boys basketball, volleyball, and track. So she wasn't only there for you in class, she was there for you outside of class as well.
She is a wonderful wife and mother of three beautiful children. But if you think about it, she isn't a mother of only three kids. She's like a mother to all who has ever had her. She's like the guardian angel of the middle school. God sent herto us. She's there to help as much as she can. She tries to understand what is going on with every student she has or every player. She has the biggest heart I've known.
I was not only lucky to have her for my seventh grade year, but I was her prep T.A. for my eigth grade year. During that year I was having some problems with my nana and she was there for me. If I was down in the blue she would cheer me up. If I had to get something off my chest I could always go to her and tell her. And she would always give me motherly advice. And even though I no longer go the middle school I still keep in contact. She reads all the articles I write and she will e-mail and tell me how wonderful they are. And when you want to become a well known writer this is the greatest compliment you can hear. It puts faith into your heart.
So to often we do underestimate people. This woman has mad a wonderful impact on my life. She had the potenital to turn my life around. And anyone would be lucky to even know her. She's a magnificent person and a great and talented teacher and coach. I will always be blesses for her being in my life.

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princessrachel said...
Nov. 8, 2013 at 10:08 pm
I love your piece. It was very sweet and you did a great job writing it. I love your descriptions and word choice. Please check out my piece,  TeenInk.com/fiction/realistic_fiction/article/586738/My-Fathers-Tears/
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