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   What wonders lie beneath the vast, untamed sea? RobertBallard, one of the most well-known oceanographers in the world, has helpedanswer this question. Although his most famous discoveries include sunken ships,he has also contributed greatly to the field of scientific investigation. He hashelped shed light on elusive prizes, both natural and manmade, and shares hisfindings with the world in hope that people will learn of the beauty beneath thewaves.

Through advanced robotics technology, Ballard has solved some ofthe greatest enigmas of maritime disasters. Such unforgettable ships as theTitanic, Bismarck, Lusitania and Isis all owe their discovery to thisman.

Ballard has ventured to the deepest points on Earth, discoveringlarge underwater heat vents and organisms such as tube worms that survive onlybecause of the searing heat the vents emit. Ballard's research is leading toalternative sources of energy.

Last year I had the opportunity to meet Mr.Ballard and was really surprised that he, too, was from Kansas. I was inspired bythe way he became what he is today and how he still ventures to make a legend ofhimself.

Recently Ballard was on an expedition to the Black Sea todiscover the underwater remnants of a settlement. He turned up some evidence, andnow a team of archaeologists is researching the artifacts.

Ballardalways includes a plaque with an inscription acknowledging that the site is agraveyard for the people who lost their lives with the ship. He believes thewrecks and sites should be treated with respect, never looted. Because of the wayhe treats his finds and the generous spirit with which he discovers thesefascinating things for everyone, Robert Ballard is a truly inspirational person.

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