My Beefer

November 5, 2010
By DanielFreiermuth BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
DanielFreiermuth BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
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This story takes place in the years of 2003, and 2004, and in Elmwood and Ellsworth Wisconsin. In the fall of 2003 I decided to take a steer to the next years Pierce county Fair in Ellsworth. Johny my steer was born in the fall of 2003 on our home farm. In worked with him until winter come, and in December of 2003 I had to take Johny to the NFO to get my steer weighed and tagged. The following spring I worked with Johny, trying to get him halter broken, so we tied him behind the tractor and pulled him behind to halter brake him. The tractor run out of gas and when we got back with the gas my steer was on the tractor. A couple of months went by and I still worked with Johny.

Johny wasn’t really getting any better at being lead and stuff. One day dad decided that it wasn’t working and that we should just give up. I ended up talking dad out of it over about a week’s time, and we started working with him, and buying more stuff for showing at the fair. I worked with him and one day he decided to put his head between my legs and through me into the air, and into the barb wire fence. After some more time of working with Johny I started to get him used to being washed.

The day come when we took Johny to the fair, we weighed him in to see if he was heavy enough for the auction, but I missed it by 11 pounds. He was behaving well at the fair. On Saturday I took him into the ring and when I was showing him he got spooked and went up on his back legs and I had a steer around 1250 pounds come down on top of me. I ended up getting Grand Champion in showman ship because I didn’t cry when the steer come down on top of me and the judge felt bad for me. I made a new friend that day, his name is Alex. Alex is the person that I showed against in the ring.

After the fair we took Johny home for a few months till he was big enough to butcher for food. The day came when Sailer’s came to get him, I was so sad that I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I felt bad because I was going out to say good bye and I was too late, I missed him.

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