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November 16, 2009
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The hero in my life is more of a role model, in the way that he inspires me to be more. My hero is my old Rifle Team Commander Deshante Slaughter, he inspired me to be better than I ever thought or ever wanted to be. In his time at ROTC he was able to rise fast and he was able to shoot amazingly. I was always in awe whenever I looked at his score or looked at his target. But shooting wasn’t his only specialty he was also a great leader and would help us through many situations.

He would lead us through physical training, which some of the coaches wouldn’t normally do. He was also a leader in the fact that he would lead us through drill be it giving us commands or teaching us how to do movements through drill. I’m sure he didn’t think much of it, just showing a couple of new cadets how to do drill. He knew that one day we would be the leaders and we would have to teach new cadets, so he taught us. But most importantly he helped us through shooting, which was an important thing considering that was what we did in Rifle Team.

He was quite possibly the best shot in our team and he could always hit the center of the center of the target. He would guide us and give us hints on how to shoot and it was always outstanding advice. I can remember each piece of advice he gave me, and I use each and every one of them every time I am on the firing line. The funny thing is that I knew none of it would ever be a piece of bad advice so I never would contradict him. He had many traits of a hero that I always had respect for, and that I want to be known for myself.

He showed many traits like Initiative, by being able to guide us in the absence of our instructor. Knowledge by knowing all there is to know about the unit and even all the people in it. Also unselfishness by avoiding his own comfort and personal advancement at the expense of others. Finally Integrity as he was always showing a soundness of moral principles, and always being honest and truthful. These are the ways he taught us each one of them useful in any situation and he had many ways of teaching.

He lead us, taught us, and always gave an example, in my opinion he is a pure example of a hero maybe not a super hero In comic books but one that you will always be grateful for having. Also in fact I’d say he’s more of a role model than a hero in a perspective but a hero none the less. This is why I am comfortable when saying my hero is my old Rifle Team Commander Deshante Slaughter, who inspired me to be more than I thought or ever wanted to be. These are the main reasons I will always strive to be more like him.

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