My Best Friend

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

A best friend is someone who will always be there by your side. Someone who has mad a impact on your life with out knowing it. My best friend Brendan is my hero.

We met in 6th grade at Sawyer Woods Elementary, he was the “new kid” and was “going out” with one of my close friends. Even back when we barley knew each other we helped each other out with what we thought was the end of the world then. Through the years we continued to get to know each other and learned something new everyday. Still to this day we learn more about each other, strengths and weaknesses. He has helped me learn little things that I never knew about my self before.

Over the years our friendship has had its ups and downs but we have always got through it together. We’ve grown together and apart, tried new things that would ruin most friendships and learned from our mistakes. There’s so many different places we’ve gone and so many different things we’ve done together, even when were not doing anything special like just lounging around at home in sweats and baggy t’s eating junk food and watching movies its always fun. Brendan is the first person I go to for everything, homework, parent or relationship problems, or when I just need to vent; no matter what time I know he will always be there. We fight like brother and sister and practically live at each others houses. He treats my brothers like his own and some times calls my mom, mom. He is my other half, the twin I never had, we finish each others sentences and say the same things at the same time. The little things we do and how much we have in common.

I’ve learned that without my best friend nothing is the same. When we get in to a stupid fight and end up not talking for a day, that day always ends up bad and always drags on. Even though we only met about 4 years ago it seems like a life time. Out of all the people who have came and gone in my life and have said that they wont be going anywhere anytime soon I believe him 100%. My best friend is a solid part of my life, sometimes I wonder where I would be with out him. Were practically inseparable and when we are apart I constantly wonder where he is or what he’s doing, there is always people who ask where he is and why we aren’t together.

My hero cant fly or time travel and doesn’t have any special super powers like Spiderman but he has his own strengths like hockey and is learning more of his strengths at soccer. My hero has that ability to brighten up anybody’s day and his good since of humor helps too. He might not be perfect but my hero puts up with me and selflessly helps others too.

The author's comments:
we wrote a essay about heros and my best friend was the first to come to my head

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