My Hero

November 12, 2009
Some people consider a hero someone with super powers, or someone who is famous, but to me a hero is someone who has been there for me and other people throughout their lives. Someone who can stand up for themselves or other people, and someone who can set goals and accomplish them. So there for my mom, Cheryl Viseth, is my hero.
She has been there for me through out everything. Even though we don’t get along sometimes, I know that she’s one of few people that I will always be there for me. From giving me things, I don’t necessarily need to giving me the common things, like a roof over my head. I know that I could come to her with anything and she will always give me her best advice. She not only is there for me but other people as well. I know that if her friends ever needed someone to do them a favor or is in trouble my mom is there to help them as much as she can. She would drop anything for anyone she loves.
To me, my mom is a strong woman. She has been through a lot in her lifetime. When she was younger, she had six brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the best home life as a child. Her dad molested every one of the children. Doing so messed up the family quite a bit. My mom was the only one strong enough to go to a teacher and tell them what was happening at home. Even after knowing that her family wouldn’t be happy she did it for their own good. My mom’s family then ignored her for a couple months because he was going to court to be possibly put in jail. To me this whole situation was a horrible situation to be in. Not having anyone to talk to outside of school had to have been hard, and you had to be mentally strong to get through it.
Independent, is the word that describes my mom as well. After my mom and dad got a divorced she found a house she could afford, and moved out. Everyone always under estimates women and how their not independent, but that doesn’t fit my mom. I look up to her for having her own house, good job, and money to spend on needs or wants. She is able to make decisions on her own and do what she wants without anyone telling her what to do or their opinion. She doesn’t rely on people to help her. She rather do it herself, because she likes to be able to say she’s independent.
Last but not least, my mom accomplishes her goals. This year we went to the mall and she decided she wanted to fit into the dress we bought for her. Therefore, she joined “The Biggest Loser” at Vision Quest. After 2 and half months, she lost 50 pounds. The dress is now too big for her. She now has more self confidence, which makes me happy. Doing this for herself made me realize that if I want something bad enough, all I have to do is work hard and set my mind to it. This makes me want to work hard on everything I do to show her how much she inspired me to go all out. These reasons are why, my mom, is my hero.

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