My Hero

November 12, 2009
Most people, almost everyone, has some sort of a hero. It might be your best friend, wonder woman, or even just a coach. Well my hero is my mom. It’s a little weird to say that but it’s true. She does everything for everyone, more for other people than herself. If you ever needed anything, she’s got your back. My mom also works a lot, probably more than she should. I’ve never known someone who works that hard. Also, my mom is a mom. That’s a job you definitely don’t go to college for. No one tells you that being a mom would be this hard. This is why my mom is the biggest hero I know.

I remember a time at Christmas. She was sitting watching everyone else open presents instead of her own. That shows how selfless my mom is. Also, she never, ever, does anything for herself. Every once in a while she will go get a pedicure, but that’s about it. She’s usually driving me around places or working to be able to afford basic needs.

It definitely doesn’t seem like it to us, but my mom work so much. She barely gets any sleep, going to bed at 9 and getting up at 4. Her job is in Seattle so she commutes 45 minutes each way. I don’t know about you, but I could handle that. Beside the fact that my mom cooks us dinner and sometimes picks us up from swim practice. Sometimes I just want to apologize for taking up all her time. My family wants her to go out and do things for herself but she never does.

Most moms are like this: selfless, caring, loving. My mom is for sure. But along with other great qualities. She tells me everything and gives me advice even when I don’t want it. She’s been through more experiences then any other person I know. It’s probably not too easy to tell your daughter about your ex boyfriends. There has been so many times when I have had a bad day and my mom would come up to me and just ask what’s wrong. That alone makes the day better.

So to sum things up, my mom is a hero. My hero. She’ selfless, hardworking, and a mom. You usually can’t find many people like that these days anymore. So kudos to you mom.

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