I am My Own Hero

May 29, 2009
By Roxann Bray BRONZE, Grant, Michigan
Roxann Bray BRONZE, Grant, Michigan
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I know what you’re probably thinking… this girl is really self-centered. Well, look at it this way. When you get older you have to learn to rely on yourself and not other people like your parents. Your becoming an adult and you have to learn… adult like things. Don’t ask what they are because I am also still learning, but you’ll figure them out once you get to the end of the yellow-brick road.

I’m an independent person now… well I say now because I used to rely on other people all the time. I used to ask my parents for money and ask my friends to buy me food. Sometimes I would even ask them to give me a ride home, whenever my sister couldn’t give me a ride home. I was also sick and tired of depending on my friends to have money at the movies and what not. I would always be excited when the holidays come around! I get loads of money on the holidays and I wouldn’t be broke for once.

You all are probably wondering… how does that still make me into my own hero? Well when I’m older I don’t want to be that person who just got evicted from their apartment, sitting on the sidewalk, waiting for her sister to come pick her up. I have somewhat of a summer job and saving up for the future. I saved myself from becoming someone I seriously don’t want to be. I’ve caught myself from falling, I’ve reached the end of the yellow-brick road, and I am my own hero! Are you yours?

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