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May 8, 2018
By chandlerpulvy7 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
chandlerpulvy7 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I’ve always been a shy kid, and being a 175 lbs freshman on the varsity football team was quite the obstacle for me to overcome. I was constantly surrounded by monstrous juniors and seniors who made me look as small as a middle school student. It was intimidating and hard to deal with. There were some seniors who took me under their wing and helped me be more comfortable around the team; however, one person in particular helped me grow up and overcome my fear of being the tiny freshman at Arrowhead High School in a whole new way.

As the season went on my defensive coach, Coach Logie, treated me as if I was a junior or senior and made me feel welcomed. Although he may be a short man weighing no more than I did at the time, his personality, attitude, and voice would blow anybody back on their heels. Although he can pack a big punch with they way he talks, he has a loving, fatherly side to him which is why he is important to me.

Coach Logie is a father, coach, and special education teacher. He takes his job seriously whether that means inside the school helping the kids he works with, or if that means staying late to watch extra film and game plan for our next opponent.

Sophomore year during the football season I broke my left leg during a game which ended the year for me. Little did I know, for the next two months during my recovery, Coach Logie would be one of the biggest reasons why I stayed positive during this depressing time. After that game Coach Logie was the first person outside of my family to text or call me asking how I was doing. I don’t think he quite understands how much a simple phone call from him meant to me. Just to know that he cared enough about my well being to be the first person, before any of my closest friends, to make sure I was doing alright.

The next seven or eight weeks of school I had to use a wheelchair to get around and every time I saw the bright eyed face of Coach Logie I could expect at least a five minute talk with him. Every conversation would start with, “hey buddy, hows the wheel?” (referring to my leg). After that he would go on telling me to keep my head high and keep a good attitude about my injury because next year I would be back on the field better than ever before. I know for a fact that the open-minded, involved, and upbeat Coach Logie was an instrumental part in recovering from my injury. He taught me that life is going to have its ups and downs and the most important thing is the way which you bounce back from these tough times.

Sadly Coach Logie has moved on to teach and coach at another school but that doesn’t change the fact that he has shaped me into the player and person I am today, and I would never be where I am without his help. That is why Coach Logie is my educator of the year.

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