2nd Hour English

February 5, 2018
By gpwick BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
gpwick BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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2nd hour English. The class I genuinely look forward to every single day. Despite the difficult course, I am able to get through mainly because of my teacher. Mrs. Roth loves her job and it is very evident in her attitude and teaching style every day. Mrs. Roth is constantly positive and comes to school with a smile and some sort of remark that makes the class smile too.

One thing I love and appreciate the most about Mrs. Roth is how involved and determined she is in teaching. Some teachers are all about getting through the material as quickly as possible. Mrs. Roth is not one of those teachers. She does not let anyone fall or get left behind. She makes sure that we genuinely understand the material and even comes up with creative ways to help us fully understand and absorb as much knowledge as we can. She is always there to help us succeed and motivates us to do anything we want to do, even if it is not English related. She believes in each and every one of her students and that is the kind of influence and motivation that all students my age need. Everyone needs that educator that pushes them and lets them know how much they are capable of and reminds them of that frequently. For me, that educator is Mrs. Roth. I am beyond grateful to have a teacher like her.

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