Educator of the Year

January 8, 2018
By sophiek1150 BRONZE, Hockessin, Delaware
sophiek1150 BRONZE, Hockessin, Delaware
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                I would like to nominate my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Danielle White, for the “Educator of the Year” award! Though I’ve only had her class for one semester, she has become one of my favorite teachers of all time. I never had any interest in learning Spanish whatsoever, until I had the opportunity of taking her class. Her teaching techniques, commitment to students, and involvement in activities stand out immensely compared to most teachers. I believe Mrs. White is most-deserving of this award. I have discovered that I learn the best when the teacher’s style of teaching is excellent. Mrs. White is the perfect example of an outstanding teaching style! She not only prepares us for college by making the class difficult; she makes the class fun too! Although she’s serious about teaching, she has funny moments all the time. Not everything has to always go her way, and because of that, it makes me feel comfortable to be myself in her class. She’s also incredibly relatable; I feel like I can talk to her about anything! Aside from Mrs. White being fun, she has made me very eager to learn the Spanish language. She’s very organized, and she always seems to teach things in such a flawless way; I always understand what’s going on! She has never moved on from a subject without making sure everyone is caught up. Every day I look forward to going to her class because she has made me love the idea of learning Spanish! You would think that teaching three classes every day for five days a week would tire Mrs. White out. She has proved that to be entirely untrue! She not only juggles three classes and her family life, but she makes time for her students on top of that! Almost every day she stays after school to tend to students who need extra help with their studies. Considering that she is spending time with her students and not her family shows that she is very committed! She also shows a lot of patience to the kids who don’t understand as fast, and I think that deserves so much admiration. In addition, Mrs. White has taken valuable class time to discuss grade management with the class. She taught us how to determine a GPA, final grade, etc. Without her help, many students (myself included) would be so lost. What she told us had nothing to do with Spanish, but she was still willing to take the time to advise us about our grades. It’s not every day you find a teacher as committed as her! Mrs. White doesn’t stop there! Not only does she devote herself to her job and students, but she has participated in various extracurriculars! In 2012, Mrs. White started coaching field hockey and remained the head coach for five years. I never played field hockey, but my neighbor did; she sure had some wonderful things to say about Mrs. White. According to my neighbor, Mrs. White is just as good at coaching field hockey as she is in teaching Spanish! In my opinion, if she teaches anything the way she teaches Spanish, she’s phenomenal at coaching field hockey. On top of that, Mrs. White has been in charge of the State of Delaware New Teacher Mentoring Program at my high school for the past two years. Meaning that she helps new teachers adapt to the school their first four years of teaching. Obviously, she is open to helping anyone! Her involvement in these activities is truly inspiring! I believe that any teacher who is dedicated to their job could be considered for this esteemed award, but Mrs. White surpasses “dedicated” and shows that she is utterly devout to her job, students, and community. Without her, my enthusiasm for Spanish would be invisible. I dream to be fluent one day and I have Mrs. White to thank for that. In the future, when I’m speaking Spanish in a foreign country, I will be thinking of Mrs. White; she’s the teacher most worthy of the Educator of the Year award!

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