Frank Wood

April 3, 2009
By Connor McBride BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Connor McBride BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I walked into Advanced Accounting class on the first day of school my junior year and got my first chance to meet Mr. Wood. Not only does Mr. Wood teach Advanced Accounting, but he also teaches Accouting-1 and Personal Finance. After only one semester with Mr. Wood, I realized I needed to take another class with him. He has had a long tenure here at Arrowhead High School. My parents had the privilege of being taught by Mr. Wood and they told me stories about him before I even walked into his class.

Mr. Wood is also a personable guy. He is up-to-date on current events and sports and is always willing to have an educated conversation. When a student of his completes an assignment, he gives the student a “pound” and let’s his or her know they “are the man.” This is one of Mr. Wood’s coined phrases and each one of his students knows if they are fortunate enough to be referred to as “the man,” Mr. Wood is in a cheerful mood and appreciates the completed work.
Not only is he a phenomenal business teacher, but he also uses his free time to teach driver’s education. Mr. Wood is the type of teacher who is always focused and is willing to cheer his students up. On days before long vacations, he does not take the easy way out and have an easy class, but he takes the opportunity to teach valuable information and get ahead of the other classes. Mr. Wood deserves this award because he is like orange juice, always concentrated.

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Kunga said...
on Apr. 16 2017 at 11:50 pm
I grew up in McFarland with Mr Wood. As his own father beat his mother (always asked why she was black and blue), Mr Wood beat his first wife. She left him taking their 2 kids at the time. Full disclosure.

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