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April 3, 2009
By Ben Williamson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Ben Williamson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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To me, the definition of an educator is any person who can award knowledge that will stick with students forever. I first had Mr. Leoni my junior year. From day one I knew that I was going to walk away from the class with a better understanding of math. To me that was more valuable than any grade.
Usually when you enter a classroom, you meet the teacher and you have to adjust to the teaching style. Mr. Leoni does not have a teaching style one has to adjust to. The way he teaches math makes it easy for everyone to understand. I have yet to talk to a person who has had Mr. Leoni in the past, and didn’t care for him. He gives students freedom, but at the same, time teaches responsibility.
I have the hardest time paying attention in class, but Mr. Leoni makes sure everybody is alert. He cares deeply about each and every individual in the classroom. He motivates me and others to get the work done, and learn something doing it. He brings forward the perfect balance of student responsibility, but he teaches in a way that when we do work, we learn.
If you take a look around Mr. Leonis room, you won’t find much. One day I was walking out and noticed a coach Leoni “locker decoration” in the shape of a basketball, on the wall above his desk. Not only was he a three sport athlete in high school, but he was also all-conference and all-state. Then he went on to college to become a letter winner for baseball.
Teaching excellence and determination are so easy for Mr. Leoni because it comes natural to him. I not only look up to him as a teacher, but also as a role model.
An injury my sophomore year put me out of all sports. I was cleared to play soccer my senior year, so I tried out. Coach Leoni told me the first day, “Man, you better get in shape. That’s what it comes down to.” Most kids would have taken this as an insult. I had coach Leoni in math and based on how he taught, he was challenging me to do better. I took his advice, played on the reserve team and had a unforgettable season. I earned an award for outstanding performance and I owe it to him. He pushed me because he wanted me to improve. He cared.
Mr. Leoni, Coach Leoni, deserves this award because unlike the general majority of teachers in the world, he cares. He cares about the student’s grade, attitude, drive, and outlook on life. Without Mr. Leoni as a teacher, my future wouldn’t be the same.

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on Apr. 29 2009 at 6:08 pm
Ben Williamson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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