Educator of The Year: Mrs. Foley

April 3, 2009
By Ashley Luetke BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Ashley Luetke BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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-->At my first volleyball practice at North Shore Middle School in sixth grade I met an inspiring lady: Mrs. Foley. Without her in my volleyball career, I would have been lost.
-->Ever since that first day in sixth grade up, until freshman year Club volleyball, she did nothing except inspire, push, and motivate me to do the best I could. My whole life I have been stubborn, but when I was under her supervision, I learned self discipline; it helped me on and off the court. I remember this one time I kept goofing off at a practice and talking with my friend Sara. Mrs. Foley told me to stop repeatedly. Being the stubborn little eighth grader I was, I continued. She finally got fed up and made me do laps around the gym for 15 minutes. I didn’t question her authority, nor if she was joking after that day.
-->Over the years, we developed an understanding. She grew to be my mentor. She not only taught me to never give up if my team lost a game or if I had a bad spike or bump, but she also taught me to never ever give up in life just because something was difficult.
--> Mrs. Foley truly believed in me and it helped me to believe in myself. It’s like she saw the diamond underneath and she was going to polish it until it shined.
-->I stopped playing volleyball in the spring of my sophomore year in high school, but because of her, I still remember to think of what she taught me when times get tough in life. And, because of Diane, I know I will make it through.

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