Mr. Gnewuch for Educator of The Year

April 3, 2009
By Alyssa Deprez GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Alyssa Deprez GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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As a freshman in high school, I put many things on high priority, but school was not one of them…that is, until I walked into Mr. Gnewuch’s class. The immediate enthusiasm I received as I was welcomed into the class sent thoughts of achievement through my head. As a frosh, I didn’t really understand the importance of my education until someone inspired me. Mr. Gnewuch did just that in all perspectives of my life.
As a track coach, he pushed his athletes to excel in the pole vault with confidence. In the classroom, enthusiasm was a priority and he wasn’t afraid to use personal examples and humor. In Mr. Gnewuch’s class, I felt connected to the school and to the class. He knew personal communication was key as he encouraged us to be opinionated. Mr. Gnewuch would allow discussions and debates. Thus, his lessons were filled with discussion rather than just lecture. Mr. Gnewuch expected us to share our thoughts, feelings or to ask questions about the subject. His classes were about how we learned best rather than the easiest way to teach. Mr. Gnewuch’s class was my favorite class because I learned things that were of importance to the world. Mr. Gnewuch is like BBC. He is always staying in connection with the world and keeping his students interested.
Mr. Gnewuch had a genuine interest in each of his students. Knowing his 180 students by name, he regularly called randomly on students to make sure they were paying attention. As a teacher, he found it effective to make each lesson innovative.
At first, I was intimidated by topics of study. Because Mr. Gnewuch was friendly and inspiring, I found it easy to ask for help when needed. Mr. Gnewuch often asked what we thought could be revamped in class to make learning better. I’ve never had a teacher who has taken so much time to make sure that the class is about our future than him. He has simply inspired me by showing he is tying to be the best teacher he can be.
Not only is Mr. Gnewuch goal- oriented through track and teaching, but also in his own life. He brings his personal life to the classroom and relates it to his students in order to stay connected.
Mr. Gnewuch always encouraged versatility in the classroom. He pushed each student to have success. The support all students received from Mr. Gnewuch never ends. The inspiration and support still continues today for me, three and a half years later.
Now a senior at Arrowhead High School, I am preparing to go off to college. The motivation needed to succeed in life was early learned. Mr. Gnewuch makes this happen in all of his students.

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