Mr. Stein

March 9, 2017
By omarkhan11 BRONZE, Skokie, Illinois
omarkhan11 BRONZE, Skokie, Illinois
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Dear Mr. Stein,

Over the years, you influenced me in many ways. I enjoyed all of my classes with you. You convinced me to aim for above average achievements. If I completed average work on time, you told me to aim for higher goals in order to achieve success. If I experienced trouble completing my work, you showed me ways to gain more knowledge about it and helped me complete it on time. You made classes fun by the way you taught and I loved how you listened to your students’ ideas.  

I admire you for many reasons as a teacher and as a basketball coach. I admire you for teaching and coaching with a positive personality. While teaching and coaching, you always make me laugh and include fun activities into the lesson. I admire you for believing in your students and players. I remember the basketball games when our team lost and you still believed in our players. I admire how you connected what we learned in class to real life examples in order to help us understand the material better.

I appreciate you as a teacher and a coach for everything you helped me with. You gave your class plenty of time to finish work and encouraged me not to rush and take my time. I also appreciate you as the best teacher and coach ever. Your coaching and teaching taught me to believe in myself. I appreciate you for encouraging me throughout my middle school years and for inspiring me to grow into a better person.


Omar K.

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