Julie Schwartz

March 31, 2014
By 4richart SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
4richart SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
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I had never once thought about going into business for college. It was a subject untouched in my mind…that was, until last semester. Walking into my personal finance class for the first time, I was unsure whether I’d like it or not. But I soon found it to be a favorite. Mrs. Schwartz opened my eyes to the business world in a way no other teacher could.

I’ve put a lot of thinking into what my college major would be this upcoming year and I was still very unsure. I knew I wanted to do something with math, but I still needed it narrowed down, and that’s where Mrs. Schwartz came in. In her class arose a new subject, a new way to learn, and a new future. She taught me in a way no one else could, nourishing my brain with easily understood concepts and terms.

Mrs. Schwartz allowed everyone in her class to learn at the same level, caring for all her students in an optimistic and encouraging manner. She gave us all plenty of time to work, she reviewed all the assignments in class, and she made sure we knew each and every concept, without pushing us. In her class, she allowed us to work and learn at our own pace, and with this freedom came a great reward. Most of us returned the favor—with A.

This was the first class I have ever achieved an A+ in at Arrowhead. I got an A+ not because she was an easy teacher, but because she was a very effective one. Not only did I earn a great grade in the class, but I also gained knowledge to use in the real world. I can do all my own taxes now and have a good background in investing in stocks and mutual funds.

Mrs. Schwartz enlightened my path to the business world and without her, I would still be sitting here, unsure of my plans for the upcoming year. I thank her for everything she’s done for me and with that, I nominate her for this award. She is most definitely one of the most influential teachers in my educational career.

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A short piece about a very inspirational and caring business teacher

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