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April 11, 2013
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The One and Only, Mr. Gree

I go to The Delaware Military Academy. At DMA, everybody is in the NJROTC. There we can earn rank, ribbons, medals, and take part in things like military color-guard. I have had Mr. Green as a teacher for a couple months now, and he has really taught me a lot about economics and business. I want to be a business man when I grow up, so his class is really important to me. He always has a positive attitude and is always helpful when people need help. He knows what he is talking about and is always prepared for class. Mr. Green is a good teacher, a great person, and an excellent role model.

Mr. Green is an excellent teacher. He teaches us the class Business, Finance, and Management, and he knows exactly what he is talking about. He worked at MBNA before he learned to teach, so he is very experienced in the world of credit cards and credit scores. He never goes on to the next subject until everybody can do what we are doing without any notes. He always comes to you when you need help. His teaching methods are great because he gives us notes to take and teaches till we learn.

Along with being a great teacher, he is also a great person. He is a family man who has 2 sons who are looking to go to college. He obviously has good credit and has taught for many years. He never lets his outside life effect the class room. Have you ever forgotten that paper at home that is due today? Don’t have money for a printer? Mr. Green is on it! He will let you print out or finish papers during any free time in class. He knows that school can be overwhelming, and his attributes help to ease the tension.

Last of all, Mr. Green is a great role model for kids my age. Movies and television always show how hard high school can be. It is also one of the most important parts of life. Mr. Green has “all his ducks in a row” and seeing this makes me want to be like him financially when I grow up. He has our best interest in the class room and for our lives.

When it is all said and done, Mr. Green is there to help, encourage, and promote the best in every individual’s life. He will never give up and will try and try till he succeeds. The only thing Mr. Green doesn’t like is a lack of caring. Even at that, he will still help you as much as he can, but only when asked. He is one of my favorite teachers and always encourages me to go one step further. With the economy where it is now, skills like budgeting are essential, and because of Mr. Green no one has any excuses not to be smart and thrifty with their money. For these reasons I nominate Mr. Green for the honor of being The Educator of the Year.

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