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April 30, 2012
By Tylor Matthews BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
Tylor Matthews BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
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Going into middle school starts out as a challenge for every 6th grade student entering the building, not knowing where your classes are or even how to open your locker for the first time. For me, it was no different as I walked through the crowded halls of Skyline Middle School. You think about how the 8th graders make you look smaller than the smallest ant alive, how new teachers don't know how to pronounce your name, and who is going to be in your next class. My next class on the list was 6th grade social studies. I searched for room 16, not knowing that this class would be one of the best experiences in my school career, Mrs Higgins' 6th grade social studies class. Her amazing teaching skills and dedication to her students is something that stuck with me forever.

I can't recall a time that I didn't look forward to going to her class every single day, eager to learn something new. Her lessons weren't the classic, boring, old book work. I can remember walking into her classroom anxiously and looking at the board to see what we were doing that day. My interest for social studies was very little until I walked into her classroom. Her lessons were exciting and fun and I never left her class not learning something new. She did everything she could to make sure that you understood the material she was teaching . Asking a question in her classroom was never a problem because she knew the answer to almost every question asked. Mrs. Higgins' simulations ensured that everyone participated in the activity. One of my many memories was when we acted out the Trial of Socrates where everyone received their own role in the activity. Everything we did in her class never was always enjoyable for everyone.

Mrs. Higgins also had an after school club called “Entrepreneur Club”. This was one of my favorite after school clubs and it wasn't only because of the party we had at the end of it but because I learned a lot of helpful things that will benefit me throughout my life. It was a club for students that aspired to someday become an entrepreneur. This called for not only learning how people start new businesses and inventions but also learning the attributes of an entrepreneur. If you ask me, Mrs. Higgins was the perfect teacher to teach us these things. She showed me that anyone could be one if you put in the hard work and effort that is required to become an entrepreneur. This club has inspired me to be an entrepreneur someday in the future and I am extremely honored that Mrs. Higgins was the teacher who taught me the basics of becoming one. Creating our own businesses was just one of the many activities that we did during this club. Mrs. Higgins never shot down anyone’s ideas and supported them to the fullest. She had confidence in every single one of us whether we wanted to start a baking business, or a baby-sitting business. She taught us that being an entrepreneur, you be willing to take the risk and not give up on your first try and I think that I am willing to take that risk.

Mrs. Higgins was also someone that I could tell anything to. Whether it was who I liked or if I was in a fight with my friend, most of the time she knew because I told her. Almost every time we got new seats in her class, I somehow ended up sitting next to my “crush” at the time. My friends and I could trust her with telling her anything. Whenever I stayed after school, my friends and I made sure that we visited Mrs. Higgins so we could talk to her. Other than being a teacher, Mrs. Higgins was a great friend as well !

Mrs. Higgins winning Educator of the Year would be just one way that I can say thank you for being a great educator. I can say that it has been an honor being able to experience Mrs. Higgins' teachings and I am sure that every student she has ever had would say the same. Looking back on the first day of 6th grade, I never thought that Mrs. Higgins would have impacted my life the way she has and I am so lucky that she did.

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