Best 8th grade teacher

April 27, 2012
By Mark Bowers BRONZE, Wilmington, DE, Delaware
Mark Bowers BRONZE, Wilmington, DE, Delaware
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“Have a great time at DMA Mark”, was the last thing Kathy Desimone said to me before I left H.B DuPont. There are many reasons why I picked Ms. Desimone from her helping me during lunch and answering all my questions with a clear answer. Ms. Desimone has so much about her that is to like from her kindness, to caring about every student that walks through her classroom door. Ms. Desimone did many things for me by helping with homework when I didn`t understand it, and always encouraging me to do better even when I had a 100% in her class. But there are more reasons why I believe she is the Educator of the year.

Why did I pick her? Well, I can give you three big reasons why I did. Reason 1: because she always let you get your point across. If we were trying to explain something that you thought was wrong she wouldn`t cut you off, she would let you finish. But being a teacher she was usually right. Reason 2: she was just an amazing teacher. She always taught with passion and pride, and unlike some teachers she actually cared about our grades and if they were bad she would approach you and ask you if there was anything going on in your life that was affecting your school work. The last big reason is she just loved her job. Even if she had a headache or was having a bad morning she would always put good into it. I just think seeing us every day is what help her have a great day every day in 8th grade.

Ms. Desimone always was a great teacher there are so many things I like about her. One thing I like about Ms. Desimone is that she was always showing interesting videos or new reports that happened around the world. Another big thing I like about her is that she was always making class fun, one time we were learning about pirates and one day her room was full of pirate stuff and for the rest of the pirate lesson she talked like a pirate. The last big thing I liked about Ms. Desimone was she always enjoyed her job, what I mean is she was always doing her best to get the information in us. She never gave up on any of us but she has done lots of stuff for me.

Ms. Desimone did a lot of stuff for me, and she would always do me favors and help me. One big thing was that when I was getting bullied she would let me go up to her room and let me eat my lunch in there. The second biggest thing Ms. Desimone did for me was give me a quarter or two if I was ever short to eat lunch, and I always paid her back. The last biggest thing she did for me was giving me ideas that I could do to help me study, because I always had problems studying but studying is as easy as pie now.

Ms. Desimone always made 8th grade enjoyable. There were many reasons why I picked her, because I like her, and she did me favors and great stuff. She just was the best teacher ever; she always gave her best at her job. So, I will miss Ms. Desimone, she just was great and I will never forget what a caring and awesome person she was.

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