Madame Dossett

March 29, 2012
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Every teacher is special in their own way, some more than others, but they’re all still unique. All of the teachers I’ve had in the past and have now have all been important to in one way or another; whether it is their teaching style or the fact that they could make me smile and laugh. They are all very awesome and very cool, but the one teacher that has stood out from the rest is my French teacher Florence Dossett at Cleburne High School. Madame Dossett is truly the educator of the year because of all the things she does to help people in the community and the students in her class.

Madame Dossett’s teaching style is very simple: she interacts with us. A teacher that interacts with their students are one of the best teachers because they DO things with you to make sure you know what you’re doing and that it all makes sense to you. Madame is very good at the whole interaction thing especially when she does a little dance to get the point across so that we can see what she is talking about too. The most important thing Madame Dossett does, though, when teaching is that she helps us with our questions and she gives us examples of what we are learning so we understand it better. The way she teaches isn’t anything special but it is just special enough to where it works for almost every student she has.

Not only does Madame Dossett teach well, she also has a club for all the French students to join that want to be a part of it. In this club we do things like going to museums to further our educations about the French culture among other things. She also plans these trips to Europe, Asia, and many other places in the world. These trips are very beneficial to our education about other places cultures and they are also very fun. Some of the opportunities that Madame gives us are once in a lifetime deals and she gives us the chance to seize those opportunities.

Madame Dossett also does a lot of things that raises money for certain organizations in Texas and/or other places. For example, she sells water to all of her classes to raise money for a scholarship that helps one or two lucky people at Cleburne High School. Madame also recycles bottles, bottle caps, paper, and those things on the top of soda cans. The latter one is recycled to raise money for the Ronald McDonald organization and the other things are to help with the environment or for reasons that are unknown. Madame does these things because she is a good hearted person that cares for people and their lively hood.

The thing that Madame Dossett does for my class is Trivia, but the French version. This may not seem like something that is “OH MY GOSH, I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE DOES THAT WITH HER CLASS” type of thing but it means a lot to us because it gets our minds off the everyday routine of what we usually do in her class. Trivia really helps us have fun and clear our heads; even if some of us don’t answer or say the wrong answer sometimes. Madame Dossett understands that some days we just need a break from the norm and that we are humans not robots.

Madame Dossett is the most awesome person you will ever meet. She can be crazy, and just outright insane sometimes, you can’t but love to be in her class. All of the things said about her in this paper is the real her and what she does trying to help people to make a difference in their lives. Florence Dossett is one of those rare teachers that only comes around like never and she deserves to win this award more than any other teacher in the world.

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