Ms. Baadsgaard

March 28, 2012
By Anonymous

I nominate Jennifer Baadsgaard as Educator of the Year. She is the principal of Cleburne High School, and one of the best principals the school has ever had. She alone has helped the school to infinity and beyond; I really didn't think someone could do all of this one handedly.
Now, let me explain how amazing this woman is. In just two years Ms. Baadsgaard has brought the school down to unsuccessful, initiated I.D. cards to be worn, changed organized test days and scheduales to chaos, and most of all ruined the past two years of high school for not only the students but for the teachers as well.
With this said I think Ms. Baadsgaard should be Educator of the Year because she's just dandy. As you can see she has accomplished so much in her lifetime; I mean she even made the school so bad that TEA had to come in and help. Ha!

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