July 13, 2011
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My biggest mistake wasn’t falling for you, but it was thinking that you had fallen for me too. I had my hopes up, thinking that one day we’d be together. I thought the way you looked at me showed that you liked me back, but maybe I was dreaming. Maybe I had gone crazy. I got lost in your eyes, I didn’t even have a chance. My heart stopped when I saw you there, it seemed like everything vanish, and I melted to the floor. You took my heart away the first time I laid eyes on you. You promised you’ll keep it safe, that you’ll never break it, but in the end a million pieces of me were laying on the floor. And when you’re dreaming with a broken heart, the hardest part is waking up.

I’ll keep my eyes closed just so I can see your face, the one thing that I still find comforting.

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