How I Remember 3rd Grade

April 26, 2011
By rinethenine99 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
rinethenine99 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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When you go to school, you usually don’t want to do work or participate. Most see it as pointless and unrewarding. The truth is my 3rd grade year was the exact opposite. My classmates and I found it almost irresistible to work hard and excel in the classes instructed by Mrs. Brown. When you hear the Phillies what do you think of? Everyone that doesn’t live under a rock thinks of baseball.

Baseball is with batters, pitchers, and a ball as usual. Not necessarily true in my math class 6 years ago. Before a test or quiz your teacher generally reviews the concepts on the upcoming assessment. Mrs. Brown did this in an extremely creative way. She created the math game baseball where two teams compete to score a run like in regular baseball. But to advance onto the next base you had to solve a math problem before the first basemen or whatever base you were on.

That is just one of the many ways she used the competitive personality of our age to her advantage. When teaching a concept for the first time she made sure we had plenty of practice in class so we could do the homework without a problem. When the next class came, we would play a game and forget that it was a form of studying. If teachers did that today, I would have no problem going to school.

No one likes a mean teacher; I’m sure that’s a fact. Mrs. Brown was so sweet that she took her time to individually teach us if need be, buy us candy out of pocket, and make games to help us grasp a concept with full confidence. I don’t know another teacher that took that much time to build a strong base in mathematics and science in each and everyone of her students.

Mrs. Brown continually inspires young people to do well in school with her innovative teaching style. She may not receive Teen Ink’s Educator of the Year award, but she is still #1 teacher to me and others as well. She is the most memorable teacher in my life yet. Today I still wish I was in her class playing baseball and participating in her zany way of teaching lessons.

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