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April 23, 2011
By SEALteam5 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
SEALteam5 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
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Mr. Okneski is a legendary teacher at Delaware Military Academy. Before I attended DMA, I heard many hilarious stories about him. He has lived up to all of them. He is the most favorite and famous teacher at DMA; he is loved by all his students. We all call him Mr. O for short. He is passionate about his politics and makes learning fun; he has a unique personality which makes him naturally funny and many of his students consider his class to be their favorite class of the day.
Mr. O is our government and economics teacher. He is very passionate about politics. Many students try to debate politics with him, and he welcomes that. If you are brave enough to do so, make sure you know what you’re talking about because Mr. O knows politics. Mr. O says he respects opposing views on politics, but if you don’t agree with him, he jokes that he will “adjust your grade accordingly.” Unfortunately, I have never seen a student win a political debate.

Mr. O has a unique personality. He is naturally funny; from the moment you walk in his class room he makes you smile. He is well prepared to deal with teenagers all day. He jokes with students, and his students always joke back. He is also an easy teacher to talk to. Mr. O has as many funny sarcastic come backs as any student in his class, if not more. He uses his sense of humor to make learning fun; I have never seen him have a bad day.
Mr. O is engaging. He has an ability to capture your attention and keep it. Many students find politics to be boring, but he finds a way to make it fun. You won’t find many students daydreaming in his class, but if you do, they won’t be for long. Mr. O uses iCivics.com to make politics entertaining and interactive. iCivics is a website where you can engage in trials and be a member in the Supreme Court. He allows students to come up to the smart board and interact.
I have had many teachers, but none like Mr. O. He has made learning about government and economics fun. His unique personality makes him unforgettable. He has become a legend at DMA. I am sure he will continue to be a favorite teacher to all of his students. The legend of Mr. O will live on…especially if Teen Ink awards him Educator of the Year.

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