Passion for Fashion... and the Classroom

February 23, 2011
By jp257 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
jp257 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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I would see her walking around the hallways at Arrowhead High School’s South Campus. But who was she? She was dressed to impress and had a smile on her face every day. I never had her for a teacher, but each day I’d see her and her “put together self” and wonder, who the heck is this teacher?

My friend informed me her name was Mrs. Klun; she would rave how much she loved her as a teacher. This made me feel better. This made me want to have her as a teacher even more. But as three years of high school passed and I had no such luck.

Senior year rolled around and off to school registration I went. I received my schedule. After taking a quick glance at the schedule, I saw Christine Klun was my teacher…twice! I was looking forward to having two classes with her—a reasonable and likeable teacher.
The first day of school came and as I walked into my yearbook classroom, I saw a friendly looking blonde haired woman sitting at her desk. She introduced herself and informed us we’d be hearing about “Klun drama” – the family situations going on at home. She was so personable. She shared her education, what she enjoyed doing and things about her family. It was like she was one of us; I could relate to her and I saw she was a fun person to be around.
Later in the day, as I walked into study hall, I saw her sitting at the desk; she was going to be my study hall teacher for this semester. I was excited that she would be able to help me with my homework in AP Microeconomics during study hall. Thankfully, she was always willing to give up her time during that study hall to help and assist me in any ways I needed. She would go through packets I didn’t understand, explain unclear things, and she would even bring material down to a more personal level.
She tried her best not to stress us out by giving us class time to do our homework. She would also incorporate games or activities so that we could learn difficult subjects in an interesting way. To me, the subject was still difficult and I was earning my first C in high school. However, she didn’t give up with helping me; she encouraged me and showed genuine concern about my grade.
By the end of the semester, I had earned a B. I am so grateful I was able to have Christine Klun; she is truly a teacher who cares about each individual student. She is caring and very understanding of students.
Now, when I see her roaming the hallways with a huge smile on her face, with her stylish outfits, I can proudly say firsthand she is an amazing teacher with big heart and a love for what she does.

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