February 18, 2011
By Angela Hein Hein SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Angela Hein Hein SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Mr. Freeburg is a great teacher; everything he had us do in English made the English class fun.
In his class, we did a lot of group or partner projects. We got to make some board games so every class hour for English 12 got to play our games and see how they worked. Sometimes Mr. Freeburg brought in doughnuts for the whole class. For another project, we got to go to the Milwaukee County Jail. Mr. Freeburg allowed the students to plan the entire trip. This showed he trusted us and wanted us to have educational experiences we were excited about. There we got to go on a tour of the whole jail. They showed us some of the jail cells that some of the people stay in. After that, they took us to the court house, and then we went out to lunch as a class. This field trip taught the class about the consequences for bad actions. And it also taught us a lot about event planning.
Mr. Freeburg had us do debates against each other. I thought that this was a lot of fun. For both debates we did, my friend and I made something to go with the debate. For the first debate, we went to my house and made a poster and put pictures with the information about the debate. We won that debate. The second debate that we did we went to my house and made cupcakes and brought them in for the class. We lost that debate. I thought it was really cool that Mr. Freeburg came up with debate idea. He gave the winner of the debate a trough. He always is coming up with fun ideas for the students.
Before Christmas he came up with the idea of the ugly sweater contest. He came up with nicknames for the students so that they would feel more comfortable. If you were having trouble in his class, Mr. Freeburg was always willing to help you.
Mr. Freeburg makes English class fun; he has a fun personality, and he makes the time fly by.

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