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January 6, 2011
By Ccaitlin BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
Ccaitlin BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
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“Educator of the Year,” has been a title passed down to outstanding teachers each year. Students nominated teachers who they feel qualify to be the “Educator of the Year,” based on what the teacher has done to make a difference in helping students gain academic success or just the unique things that they do. Who should be “Educator of the Year,” you ask? Ms. Linda Lewis should be taking this great title. I notice that not a lot of students take an interest in Reading and Language Arts. I know this, because I am a student myself and sometimes it is challenging for me to remain interested in this subject.

My seventh grade teacher, Ms. Lewis, made my reading class actually fun to be in. We had our days of work, but nothing was too boring or plain. She always had some story to tell that related to the class. She made sure that we understood our daily lesson. We had many fun activities, like the remaking of plays. Almost every grade I remember had a lesson on reading plays. I love reading and acting out plays. When Ms. Lewis said that we would be remaking plays to fit our own story lines, I just couldn’t wait! We were able to bring in our costumes and we played music to fit the scene.
I remember when we read, “House of Dies Drear,” and then watched the movie. It was nice to see the changes between the story lines. The book wasn’t really as interesting, when Ms. Lewis showed us the movie. This is just one way Ms. Lewis made reading books like these fun. Then, later throughout the year, we made a magazine of all her classes. It had many photo memories, poems made by her students, plays we made, and just different writings and manuscripts. Ms. Lewis left me with fun memories of my seventh grade year. I often think of the fun I had in her class; probably many other students feel this way also. I remember the time it took making a magazine. Everyone had a job and everyone was contributing to making the final product. I felt like we were real journalists, editors, and publishers.

Ms. Lewis was always willing to do more than she was required to do. She helped the yearbook committee a lot. I remember Ms. Lewis carrying around her camera almost everywhere. She took pictures at the Honor Roll Assemblies, Special Assemblies, Pep Rallies, Class Events, and other Special Events. When I look through the yearbook I say, “Hey, I remember when Ms. Lewis took that picture.”

I am grateful for her interest in photography, because not only did she help students in the Yearbook Club, she also made things very colorful and fun looking in her classroom. Most of the projects we did, she ended up putting them up around the room or around the school. I still see things in her class, from my seventh grade year. Ms. Lewis is very generous. She nominated some students and I for various things, such as AVID, National Awards, summer camps and much more.

So why should you pick “Ms. Lewis as Educator of the year?” Because she is creative in pretty much everything she does. And she loves to teach. Also she is greatly appreciated and liked by many students and staff. Many of us want to visit her whenever we can. She is truly a very special teacher! So pick Ms. Lewis as “Educator of the Year.”

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