Mrs. Crawford, Not Just a Teacher. But a Friend.

August 14, 2010
Ask me if Mrs. Crawford was a good teacher and my answer would be no. She was most definitely not a good teacher by any means! She was an incredible teacher, a trustworthy friend to all of her students, and a shining role model. The very first day of school I had a strong feeling as soon as I walked into our 6th grade ELA classroom that I would enjoy my time in here. Mrs. Crawford made it so that our classes were laid-back but still a learning experience. We, the students, became very close as friends, even a second family, in our daily English Language Art classes. Mrs. Crawford managed to break the barrier between student and teacher while still maintaining a professional approach. Even when she had to take Maternity Leave for months on end, when she returned, she picked right back up where our substitute had left off. Mrs. Crawford was always good at transitions; time transitions, friend transitions, oh and transition words! Especially those transition words.

Mrs. Crawford was someone we could all rely upon and entrust with anything. Whenever anybody had a problem at school, home, or anywhere else, she was there to listen with open ears and ready with supportive advice. She was like a second mother to many of us. Always watching out for each and every one of her students.

One of the best- and amusing- things about Mrs. Crawford is her ways to help us all remember the material on tests. Like her legendary, “Alm-a-nac. Book of fact.” I can almost guarantee that all of my class had passed any question on our State Standardized tests about the almanac. All thanks to Mrs. Crawford and her tedious drilling the phrase into our minds.

Mrs. Crawford was one of the few teachers who enjoyed hearing about the drama going on in the grade. Almost before every single class she would ask us about the relationships going on around the Seneca Middle School 6th grade. Occasionally she would search for clothes on sale online, and whenever she did, she would let the girls offer their opinions and fashion advice.

Possibly what made our ELA class so enjoyable was Mrs. Crawford’s ADD. Yeah, that’s probably it. With the randomness of eighteen hyped up pre-teens and our teachers inability to focus on one topic for very long was probably what was so enjoyable about the 2009 to 2010 school year. Now, perhaps Mrs. Crawford’s daily Monster at lunch was not a good addition to the chaos, but it really did make the time much more fun if you ask my opinion.

So, my point is, Mrs. Crawford was not a good teacher, not even a great teacher. She was much more than that to all of her students who she inspired with her wit and theories. She was a best friend who had the experience and wisdom that we had not yet gained. She was an obliging pair of open ears, always making time for a student who needed help. She treated us like we were a part of her family, and that’s basically what we all became. One big family of aspiring English Language Arts students with Mrs. Crawford as the head of the family.

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i_sold_my_soul_to_books said...
Dec. 9, 2010 at 10:58 pm
Jeez I wished I'd had a teacher like that in sixth grade. The way your write is wonderful!
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