History Class

May 1, 2010
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Mr. Aiston has a great class
We work hard and hope to pass
As we learn of those who came before
We can’t help but want to learn more
The class is very, very laid-back
But education it does not lack
Always learning something new
Rome, China, Islam too
No dull lectures, never monotone
Otherwise our minds may roam
Sure, we don’t always get much done
But that just makes it all the more fun
In his class we travel abroad
Each time our minds are awed
Jotting down the ancient past
When taking notes, our hands move fast
He speaks with such authority
His words are top priority
We might get on a tangent from time to time
But we learn the material just fine
We know it sounds cheesy and we’re not the first ones
But we just have to say, Mr. Aiston makes learning fun!

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