My Favorite Teacher

March 25, 2010
By JadaSettles BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
JadaSettles BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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When I reflect back on my past school years I only had one teacher whom I could talk about for days. I remember going to her class in 7th grade first thing in the morning for first period. Every now and then we laugh but not too much, it was just too early for that. In 8th grade it was better, I had her after lunch so around 5th period. We use o laugh and play the whole time, but we still did manage to get the class work done. Ms Key is an excellent reading teacher who makes learning fun whole she guides her students through a different lesson daily.
In ms key’s class, she makes our day exciting, easy, and simple. All we have to do is bellwork, which would be a word that you will have to define and write about it. She would teach us a lesson for the day, give examples to make sure we understand how to do it. Now it’s time for us to do the work connected with the lesson. Now we do the work after that if we have anymore time left we can do whatever as long as we are quiet.

She is also a very caring woman. If there’s anything you need, ms key will do her best to get it to you, no matter what. Ms Key does what she can to help- you with other classes if you need it, she will assist you to complete other teachers work or projects. She is the type of teacher where if she notices your grade s slipping. She will ask you about it and try to help fix it. She would work with you to get you back on track with your other classes.
To the school board she is just a teacher there to do her job, but she likes to be a young adult and joke around with her students, as if she where one of us. While we are in her class cracking on people she likes to jump in and join us, but she still keeps us focused on our work because we are in school. Ms Key likes to let us have a little enjoyment as long as we get our work done, and it doesn’t get out of hand.
When I think back on my past school years I only have one teacher who stands out to me as being my favorite teacher, who I could write a great story on.

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