Some Kids Play, So Others Can Live

March 11, 2010
By Samantha Burg SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Samantha Burg SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Some Kids Play, So Others Can Live
Mouse clicking. Keyboard tapping. The beat to my iPod. Everyday seventh and eighth hour for a week, ideas were pouring out of my head, flowing to the movement of my hands. I sit there thinking how to manipulate the text to make it my own. I am creating a business card that will benefit children; I need this to be right No, perfect. The text doesn’t move to where I envision it. Just then I shoot my hand into the air. Mrs. Augustin races over to my side and says, “Wow Sammi, this looks great!”
I explain how the business card is not looking right to me; I wanted the title to be over the picture.
“Center-align the text and the picture,” she says and once I center-align, everything looks the way I pictured it.
“Thanks!” I exclaim with so much glee. At that moment, I knew I was doing something unbelievable.
I just created a business card for Tom Tallmadge; he needed a business card for hosting the annual Charity event. “Some Kids Play, So Other Can Live,” is the Lake Country Charity Invitational motto and is on my card. The money would be sent to the MACC Fund, and I was contributing to helping the charity raise money. I have never felt so proud of myself ever in my entire life. And then I was called over by Mrs. Augustin, who recommended me out of all of her students, to design a business card for this event. Seeing the delight in her eyes, boosted my confidence to the ultimate high.
Mrs. Augustin is the most caring, thoughtful teacher I have ever had. Just having her as a teacher makes me want to thrive and do the best that I can. Seeing Mrs. Augustin makes me want to work with computers for the rest of my life, because it’s something I enjoy doing, and I just feel good about myself when I’m working on a computer.

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