Mr. Wood

March 11, 2010
By JamesSayers SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
JamesSayers SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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“You’re the man!” I have been hearing this for two and a half years and it never gets old. Mr. Wood is one of the few teachers who truly appreciates his job and his students.
It all started back in the summer going into sophomore year. I was a 15-year-old menace on the road until Mr. Wood (my driver’s education teacher) taught me to never hesitate when driving and to always be aware of the people driving around me. He would let my driving partner and I stop and get McDonald’s whenever we wanted; Mr. Wood made a scary, nerve-racking, driver’s Ed experience, fun.
Junior year I had personal finance with Mr. Wood. He pounded the idea of financial planning into our heads because he knows from experience that planning and saving can lead to an early and financially safe retirement. This year, I had Mr. Wood for accounting and I struggled with the subject, but Mr. Wood was there for me fifth and sixth hour everyday. Whenever I went in for help, he would stop what he was doing and help me.
The reason why Mr. Wood is a special teacher is he takes time out of his teaching to tell our class he appreciates teaching us. And he does that everyday. He has an assortment of punch lines but his favorite is, “You’re the Man!” It might not seem like much, but he makes each student feel important and it shows he wants to have a positive relationship with all of his students.
If you aren’t working hard in his class, or you are slacking off too much, Mr. Wood will let you know because he cares about how his students do in school and he wants his students to be successful people. No matter what kind of day he is having, Mr. Wood brings energy to teaching and he makes class interesting.

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