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March 10, 2010
By MeganStmartin BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
MeganStmartin BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Tears were streaming down my face, but don’t be fooled, they were the good kind. Luckily, I have economics class ninth hour, right before I leave school. There isn’t a day where I can go without my eyes tearing up and my face three shades of red from laughing so hard. Mr. Williamson mixes up learning criteria with humor, making it impossible not to pay attention.

I’ve had two completely different classes with Mr. Williamson, yet they were the same when it came to the way he taught them. My sophomore year I took U.S. History, it sure didn’t sound like the most thrilling class available, but Mr. Williamson changed my perspective. He had my full attention the whole class period. Even if I would try to zone out, just hearing his voice made me smile and want to listen to a topic I would normally care less about. Truthfully I didn’t even know I was learning, because it seemed to fun.

I’m currently a senior in high school, and am taking another class with Mr. Williamson: Economics. “Let’s write in rainbow colors!”, Most teachers would be annoyed if this kind of comment was shouted out in class. But not Mr. Williamson. Instead, he embraced it. By allowing kids to propose ideas and incorporate their ideas, they simply just learn better and want to engaged themselves more. We indeed did continue that class writing the notes on the smart board in rainbow pen. The simplest thing made the whole class want to throw out ideas, just to see Mr. Williamson write on the board.

It’s not just about covering the curriculum. Well…I suppose it is, but who says it has to be boring? Not Mr. Williamson, that’s for sure. It says a lot when kids like myself are not only excited to be in a class, but don’t want it to end.

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