Mr. Byrne

March 10, 2010
By SeekTheTruth BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
SeekTheTruth BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This story began on a dark day. The clouds were swirling about as if they were preparing to unleash their wrath on that small school. The day was stereotypical with all of the students going on in a manner that made it seem as if nothing was wrong. It was like the storm was not approaching, but everybody knew it was. The snow started. It was so sudden that the onburst was like a solid mass of snow was coming down from the sky. All of the students were trapped in that small school. Nobody could leave, even if they wanted to. The students were restless and they wanted to get home, but even in that storm of emotion that mimicked the weather outside Mr. Byrne still seemed as calm as ever. He quieted that storm that was raging inside that building with but a few words. “Who wants to play a game?”
Mr. Byrne was everything a good math, no, any teacher should be. He was kind, caring, intelligent and trustworthy. Yet he was something more. He was always there for all of his students even in their most difficult times. Chess, Cards, Magic. He would always be prepared no matter how unlikely the situation was. At lunch he would help students with math and if he was free any of his students could come up to his room to play a game. Even when others wanted to stop him, for reasons that none know, he would find a way to make everyone happy.
That person was someone we should all look up to. Mr. Byrne made me cheer up on even the rainiest of days. In that desert of a school, he was the oasis I would always wait for. He taught his classes to make it simple yet he would always make it specific to each person. This person has changed my life, has changed others and will change more people in the future; as always for the better.

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