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March 10, 2010
By Kayla Fettig BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Kayla Fettig BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Starting school at 7:30 in the morning is torture for any high school student, especially if you have one of those awful monotone teachers. Lucky for me, Mrs. Fellmeth is not one of those teachers. Everyday, she greets her class with ”good morning,” and “how are you doing” then she bounces around, with a huge smile on her face. Now when I say bounce around, I mean she literally stands in front of the class and jumps around. Just from this alone, you can feel how passionate she is about her job and how much enthusiasm she brings to the class.

Class begins with conversations about yesterday’s assignments and the simple question, “What did you think about it?” I never knew a question that simple could produce such an interesting and in depth conversation, like some of the ones I’ve had with Mrs. Fellmeth. She has this way of making me feel really smart without babying me every time I get an answer correct. Instead, her face will light up and she’ll add on to whatever I said, letting me know I did well.
Education isn’t her only passion, though. Mrs. Fellmeth also wants everyone in the class to care about each other and get to know your “neighbor.” She takes sometime everyday for relationship building, where school topics are strictly forbidden. She asks random questions and everyone just laughs and bonds over the silly answers and her hilarious stories. I never knew that you could learn how to relate to people in an English class. By her taking the time everyday to just talk to us she helps us learn how to build relations in everyday life.
For the past two years, being up everyday at 7:30 doesn’t seem so bad as soon as I get that friendly greeting that starts off yet another thought provoking class. Where was she the mornings of my sophomore and freshman year?

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