Greg Hoetker

October 15, 2009
By "SunshinE" BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
"SunshinE" BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Seventh grade can be really overwhelming for some of the kids. With all the extra classes, more and more work to do… it’s stressful!
I was a new student during the year here at South Jr. High, and one specific teacher Mr. Hoetker was the one who helped through it all. He was the nicest teacher I have ever met. He really is an amazing person. He teaches English at South Jr. High and I’m in his 8th period. He always wears a shirt and tie with his dress pants but sometimes he just wears regular shirts. He’s super hysterical. When he reads he does it with a very weird voice and acts out what he’s reading. He is a very funny reader. He is a really great person!
He is unique to me because, he helped me be a new student and find my way around. Every time he sees me in the hallways he always smiles at me and says “Hello there Jocelyn”. He is very nice he let me go to this thing we have called GGP even though I was missing a poetry paper. He is a person that anyone could look up to, because I know that I do. He always compliments on my work that I do and get done. He never is stricked, well not that I have seen. And something that is funny and I like about Mr. Hoetker is that just being random he will start rapping. I could say that he is scary but then that would be a lie. Well okay maybe sometimes.
I first knew that he was a really cool teacher when I first met him. He has a really cool personality. I knew his personality right when I met him. That’s how I knew he was a really good and outgoing teacher! We had an award ceremony for the best teacher, and I think that Mr. Hoetker should have won that 25,000 dollars. Why you ask? Well he always finds a way to make English fun. He talks in a funny voice when he reads to make the story interesting and come alive. He always has a smile and never thinks negative.
Greg Hoetker is teaching me a lot and I’m learning from him. I love being in his class and being one of his students. I’m sure that the other kids do as well! Why you should Mr. Hoetker as educator of the year is because, he deserves it and he is a very good teacher and person. Even if you don’t choose Mr. Hoetker that’s okay because, he will still be known as the best teacher to me!

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