The Fabulously Dressed, Funny Teacher

October 15, 2009
There is a teacher that teaches seventh and eighth grade reading. She also teaches seventh grade math. She teaches all those subjects at South Junior High. Her name is Mrs. Kara Trumbo. Her classroom has books in it, of course and she is so nice, that she trusts us to use her books to read for our book of choice or just to take home. At the beginning of the year she said, “If you don’t like math I promise you will like it after this year.” I am actually starting to like math.
Mrs. Trumbo always helps you if you’re having trouble in math. She interacts with the class a lot instead of copying things down and saying here you’re on your own now. Every day something I notice about when she is teaching, she is wearing stand out outfits with some jewelry that always looks good, and her hair just puts the cherry on top.
I knew Mrs. Trumbo was going to be a good teacher right from the start. I wasn’t really happy on the first day of school but when I went to her class she was the first one to make me laugh. She said, “Wake up, smell the coffee, and smile.” Mrs. Trumbo is funny but she can be serious so we can get our work done.
Mrs. Trumbo deserves the educator of the year award because she is a really great teacher. She reminds me of some of my old teachers in the past that were wonderful and when I look back on my previous years I will always think of Mrs. Trumbo.

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