:) Mrs.Trumbo!

October 15, 2009
Seventh grade can be overwhelming for a lot of kids. It is for me, and still is.
Kara Trumbo, Wow! Isn’t she just amazing? Mrs. Trumbo doesn’t make her classroom feel like an old school classroom. You know the feeling you get when you’re dreading going to your next class? You know when your stomach clenches into a little ball? Well, you won’t get that feeling going into her classroom. You’ll want to run to Mrs. Trumbo’s class room. That’s how fun and exciting she is. She is organized but at the same time she isn’t, and that’s what I like about her classroom.
Mrs. Trumbo teaches reading and math at South Junior High. She keeps the classroom alert and active. She makes us lay down the law, but at the same time I can see she loves what she does for a living. I can relate to Mrs. Trumbo very well, which makes it a lot easier for me to learn in her classroom. When I look at Mrs. Trumbo I see a lot of actions and stuff I would do as a person. For example, she wears some interesting outfits. One day she will wear a big pendent on her neck with overthrow top and matching pants. Another day she will wear just plain shorts and a patterned shirt with tennis shoes. I really liked one of her outfits when she wore a brown skirt down to her knees. High kneed boots with a wavy shirt and a decorative belt on her hips. I can really say she knows style. For a teacher that is pretty uncommon! Everyday I look forward to seeing what she wears the next day, so I can get some new ideas for myself.
The first day of school, I just knew Mrs. Trumbo was a magnificent teacher. I’m generally a lazy person, but what kid isn’t? The first week of school I was losing my grip on things. Kara Trumbo was the only teacher that didn’t let me, the first week of school she got into my head. Like a little weasel squeezes its way into a hole. She gave me the impression that she can be really fun, but when it comes down to it she wants stuff to me done. Correctly and proper, that is.
Kara Trumbo is teaching me a lot and I love being in her class. I’m sure other kids do to. She should win because she brings joy to South Junior High, and makes life interesting. She’s a great lady and deserves this award. There is so much more to Mrs. Trumbo, but there isn’t enough time in this world for me to say everything!

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