The Best Teacher Ever

October 15, 2009
By greytiger15 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
greytiger15 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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The Best Teacher Ever
Mrs. Kara Trumbo should be educator of the year, because she is a cool teacher. She has a good style and she is about five foot eight inch tall with an awesome hairdo. Mrs. Trumbo style is unique as an extremely blue bear with red eyes. I like her class room because it is a little unorganized at the round table. She helps us if we need help and makes things that are difficult very easy. She is an awesome teacher.
Mrs. Trumbo teaches 7th grade math and reading and 8th grade reading. She is a busy woman. Her teaching style is clear and good because she writes a problem and then her ELMO shows it on the overhead much bigger for the class to see. She takes some questions on the assignment and teaches it to the class. She is unique because she has a good personality and she acts funny when she makes a mistake.
One time when she made a mistake and then when some one corrected her she said she meant to do that to see if we were listening. It was really funny and some times she will make faces like the Grinch when every one is working because she gets bored when it is all quite. She reminds one of my friends of a who from the movie hornet hears a who.
The reason Mrs. Trumbo should win educator of the year is because she is a great teacher and deserves a lot. She is very funny and knows how to make students laugh and have a great time. She makes it to where our work is a lot less confusing and she is my favorite teacher. Thank you Mrs. Trumbo! You’re the best teacher ever. You rock!

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