Mr. Antony

July 13, 2009
By Kalin Kiesling BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Kalin Kiesling BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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I have only come across a few teachers that, I feel, know how to teach. Above all of them is Mr. Antony, my chemistry teacher for the past two years. He is so much more than a teacher of just chemistry. He teaches students how to learn. He goes the extra mile everyday to make sure that each of his students is comfortable with each lesson. No student of his, that I have met, has felt like they are not welcome in his room. He has passion and dedication for every student that walks through his doors, even if they are not one of his own, and he makes sure that every one of his students is prepared for the AP exam.

It is amazing what kinds of discussions we could get into with Mr. Antony some days. To ask a question in that class is to open a whole new encyclopedia. Everything that we talk about in that class only helps us more because it is all related. Even if it was not the original plan for the day, we will sometimes have 40 minute discussions anyway because he knows that it will only point us in the right direction in the long run. He once told me, “There is no reason that one should ever stop learning.” He encourages open discussions and when someone asks a question, he knows how everything ties together. Even if he doesn’t know the answer, we find it. Usually that includes taking “field trips” to the back of the room to watch demos and discover our answer.

If there was an award for “Most Hours Spent Helping Kids in a Single Day”, Mr. Antony would be the one to get it. He dedicates all his time to students. He arrives at school in the morning at least 30 minutes before the start of the day and stays for at least two hours (usually more) after school every single day to help students who need it. He never has an empty room. Even during lunch, students are in his room receiving help or studying. He was truly dedicated to making sure every student of his received credit on the AP exam in May. The last two weeks were our own review time. He didn’t just sit at his desk, though. He circulated the entire room multiple times being sure that each kid had an understanding of the topic they were studying. He creates the atmosphere where students are welcomed and trusted, not just seen as trouble makers. He allows students the freedom to learn what they want in addition to the curriculum.

Like I said earlier, Mr. Antony teaches students how to learn. His class has helped me in so many of my other classes. The way he teaches is open discussion, but he probes students with small questions that allow them to figure things out on their own, so to speak. He will teach enough background information for everyone to expand on his or her own. He not only teaches the “what,” but he teaches the “why” and “how” also that is essential to relate topics to each other. He taught me how to look for the “why” and “how” in every situation. This has been able to help me in so many other classes. For example, in math I will try to prove formulas and equations just so that I understand where they came from and how they work.

He has so much enthusiasm with each subject. There is no possible way to dislike his class. I am excited everyday to walk into his class because each day brings a new discussion. He not only taught me chemistry, but he also taught me how to learn everything possible about a topic. Since being in his class, everything makes so much more sense to me and I always want to learn more. I can’t even think of the right words to describe how amazing of a teacher he is. I’ve never been so enlightened by a teacher before in my life.

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