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August 29, 2013
By MadihaYameen PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
MadihaYameen PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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Interview of Edward Maya
Tell us about yourself. How do you see yourself and the fame of yours?
I am a normal person, that dreams everyday to make music for each and every person in the world.
Tell us about your family.
Happy family, a little brother that wants to become a film director,
grandfather musician and a grandmother that always want to get me fat!
(and of course a lot of aunts, cousins and so on, normal family.)
We read that you’re studying. What are you studying exactly?
Music Conservatory of Romania, Classic music, actually before I become
famous as Edward Maya I had a lot of Orchestra concerts with my Music
You have collaborated with Vika Jigulina a lot. With whom are you
looking forward to collaborate?
Can talk about this, it’s a secret
You have said that you’re going to write and sing for Bollywood, India.
Any particular reason?
Love the Indian Beats a lot, India has great artists and great music.
Does fame itself makes you happy?
Of course it does, but I think the greatest thinga of all is that I have so
many friends all around the world, it’s actually crazy…
Which is your favorite place (country) to perform?
Wherever is a stage, a microphone and people to sing and dance with me
until the morning light.
Career highlights.
Billboard Award Song of the Year 2011, Platinum in over 30 countries, and
a lot of music awards all around the world.
Why did you choose music as a career? You started at an early age, we
know, how was it describe it please.
Well, when I was 3 years old I wanted to become a President, at 6 years
old when I saw this can not be possible and because of course I singed
with my grandfather since I could walk, I felt in love with music.
How was your experience of concert in Islamabad, Pakistan? Will we see
you again in near future?
For sure! I love it there, the crowd was amazing, I have a lot of Pakistan
Who is your musical icon?
For someone who has never heard your music before. How would you
describe it? Which song of yours represents the type of sound you want
release out there?
I cannot describe my music; you have to feel it, that’s the catch
I make music for the guy/girl with a broken heart, falling in?
love, fighting for love etc. If you listen the lyrics and the music, close
enough you will find yourself in there somewhere.
What was your teenage like?
Working, it’s really hard to make music for different artists and also go
to school, also go abroad to sing in a International recognize Orchestra.
When should we expect your new single?
Very soon, I do not have yet the release date in mind.
What kind of music you grew up listening to?
Classic music always.
Friends will describe you like.
Very funny guy, I am actually the one that always makes the jokes and the
best confident ever, actually I have a friend that always says if the
?music does not work you should be a Doctor in Psychology
Who surprised you most by being your fan?
A girl from Ecuador, she brought me a cake with my face on at the airport,
I still am in touch with her, she is a great friend…
Most weird encounter with fans?
Didn’t had one, I think that’s because I am also weird sometimes
Biggest piece of advice you have been given?
I still remember…when I was working at Stereo Love, somebody told me I
will win the Billboard Award for this song, I thought she was really crazy
back then..
Advice for teens to build up their confidence if they want to pursue
this career.
“Impossible is the word to be found in the dictionary of fools”. If you
believe, have patience you can be anything!
How do your family and friends see this fame?
Everybody tells me that I didn’t change at all, actually they are telling
me to grow up

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