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August 25, 2013
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Tell Us A Little About Yourself.
David King –
David is the writing and producing powerhouse behind the band. Learned how to play guitar by listening to Metallica’s Black Album and Guns’n’Roses Use Your Illusion (1 & 2) which made the eighties vibe of music writing stick in his head.
David is a Pisces and loves to cook, drive and spends almost every waking hour in front of a computer… geek.
Annalivia –
Is a high school student and is a normal well adjusted teenager – she can sing like no one else her age with a voice beyond her years.
Tim Dutton –
Tim is a soundtrack and jingle writer. An eighties metal enthusiast, he and David get along very well and have similar sonic visions of how the music should sound. He partners with Simon Tonx (ex-Sony) and works on soundtracks for Channel Sevens Travel Bug.
We Know How Livi (Annalivia) Came On Board But Were You Ready To Take This Young Girl (She Was 14, Right?) Or Did You Has Some Doubts?
“I remember saying to Tim, she is soooo young… how can she ever do these vocal lines? But she started singing and I like to joke now that I have scars on my chin from where my jaw hit the floor!
Livi’s only going to go on ROCK THE WORLD!”- David
Why Are You Called The Contagious?
(laughs) The fake answer we give everyone is that it’s because the music is catchy and because of the very nature of our promotion (viral)… as good an answer as any. But its really just an in joke about time.
So, What It’s Really Like To Be The Members Of Fame Club?
Great! S***! Actually not that much different to real life – we’re lucky because we keep a very low profile while the music sort of promotes itself. We like to hide behind the brand, and even though Annalivia is a STUNNER, she’s still a teenager and we do everything we can to protect her privacy.
What’s Your Music Like?
I like to think its like pop/rock with a retro twist. 80s hair metal (heart) meets Bon Jovi.

Does Annalivia Write Too?
She has not yet, but we are trying to find ways to write together. She is quite a lyricist from what I’m told!
Have You Ever, Like, Fought (You Know What I Mean) Because Of The Age Differences And Stuff?
Hell yes! We tell her what to do, she tells us no, we send her to her recording room… meh.
If You Could Describe Your Music In One Word, What Would It Be And Why? AWESOME!
Which Is Your Favorite Band?
I’m listening to Pink at the moment. Don’t really have a fave but Taylor Swift is cool and I’m a newly uncloseted Gleek!!!
With Whom Would You Like To Collaborate?
Who’s Your Musical Icon And Influence?
Prince – that man can play everything.
Livi What Are Your Plans For Future?
Livi’s doing some stage work in the King & I and Southern Stars which is OSM! Shes returning to feature on Falling in Circles by The Contagious – but she’s always open to bigger brighter offers!! Who knows, next year maybe the voice?
The Most Amazing Concert You Have Attended?
Ben Harper. Nuff said
What Struggles Did You Guys Face As A Musician And How Did They Affect Your Music Career?
There’s always distractions in whatever you do. Luckily we haven’t had any stupid things like drugs to pull us away from our dream – and we are living the dream, because its not about making it; its about making connections with great people, great fans, making great songs.
I Heard The Touring Schedule Won’t Be The Same Because Of Livi’s Academic Year… So What Are Your Plans?
No plans at the moment – open to offers though.
So, Is There Any Surprise Coming Up For The Fans?
Ohhhh yes – we are crowdfunding our new CD and theres lots of good stuff available there, but we are negotiating a live stream… when u cant tour, u can still play ;) Watch this space! We’re also opening up the offer to WRITE A SONG with ANYONE who wants to – first 100 only..
What’s The Sweetest Thing Your Fans Have Done For You?

They’re all so cool – we’re really active on twitter and try to answer every comment that isn’t just a “follow me” or “give me a shout out” – We have a legendz list of fans we add to which we keep record of the really great people we meet and keep up with how they’re doing. To answer the question directly, the sweetest thing a plan has done for us is say hello!
How It Feels When People Recognize You In The Markets And Places?
We’re not that famous lol
Bieber Has Beliebers. Cody Simpson Got Simpsonizers And Angels. What Do You Call Your Fans?
Hmmmm any suggestions?
What Has Been The Best Experience You Have Had So Far As A Band?
The release of the video clip with Annalivia – her family really stepped up to the mark and worked hard to make that happen… what we saw then was an amazing shift from just a band to a presence to be known on the net.
Where Do You See Your Musical Career 10 Years From Now?
Don’t even know what a year from now is going to be like – hopefully we all grow as musicians and get to work with wonderful people like your readers.
Any Message To The Readers?
Never give up guys – Remember we are all made of the stuff of stars… You will shine!! Its in ur nature!

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